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Red face Boggyholl

Iím new here, how do I tell which model of ten lizzy long arm I have? Has these numbers on machine
J20150320EQ. Thank you in advance
hope I did this like Iím suppose to , newbie
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Welcome to the QB from SE Michigan.. I am sure someone can help you with this somewhere. I know there are a number of folks here with the Tin Lizzy long arm machine. Unfortunately I cannot help you since I do not have this machine. If for some reason your post gets lost in the next few days please post again. The board is going through a major overhaul.
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The earliest machines (1996) have a square front. After that, they started making the front with rounded off corners, but I don't know when.Mine is 1997 and has the square front.
I recently had to replace the brushes in my motor, and there is a date code on motor itself.that may help you if it's the original motor. .mine was 1997, which is exactly what it should have been. If I remember correctly, it is a 4 digit code, starting with a letter..the letters indicate the month.
A January
B February...etc. Mine started with an E, so it was manufactured in May. The next is numerals, mine was "07", meaning it was made in 1997. I already forgot what the fourth letter was for..maybe where it was made? I really don't remember what , or even if I was told anything about the 4th digit, they had what they needed when they got the year, for my purposes of replacing the brushes.
Tin Lizzie's do have serial numbers on them, but as far as I know there isn't a data base for dating them like there is for many other machines.
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Welcome to the quilting board! If there is an answer to your question, I'm sure you'll find it here...(although I'm no help myself!)
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Welcome from Michigan!
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Thank all of you for the input
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