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Originally Posted by Hushnel View Post
I retired from Biomedical Engineering in June 2012, after thirty years at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami Florida. We purchased a 21.2 acre farm with an old Florida Cracker House originally built around 1868, and 1,600 square foot concrete block building, we turned into a workshop. I’ve been accused of being a craftsman. I started playing stringed instruments in 1962, been at it continuously. Had a few accidents over the years that interrupted my ability to play but managed to come out of them better than before. I could be called a little weak in risk management skills, I still ride the old Harley.

My interest in living history has influenced much of my life. I’ve learned the skills that would have been common a century or two ago. This led me into the black hole of fiber arts over 20 years ago and I started spinning, weaving, knitting, felting. I got into leather work early on, tooling, making bags, knife sheaths which got me into metal work, I started making knives and doing other iron work.

After I retired to the farm I discovered after 30 years of working and trouble shooting “state of the art” Life Support Equipment I was missing the mental challenge. I was looking through a flea market mall one day and saw this really abused sewing machine. It looked early 20th century and reminded me of a diesel locomotive. I purchase it from the vender, who I knew from a buddies band. I got the machine for $10.00. All I knew was that it was a Singer. Once I got it home I started working on it. It made me nostalgic for a time before I was born, almost sad, that we used to build stuff like this, art and function, designed to last forever. It was a Singer 301. It loved me so much it must of started sneaking it’s buddies in while I was out riding the Harley, maybe taking a nap. Now the list is too long, I’ve given away 3, 221s that I’ve come across, to my sisters and one to my wife, who for some strange reason decided to stay in Homestead Florida. I still keep my eyes open for the early singers including 301s, 400s are not so interesting and they go down from there. I actually like the vibrating shuttles and the transverse shuttle machines the best, you can’t beat that stitch. My oldest machine is a Wertheim Superba B from around the late 1860. Three great treadle machines are in my living tool, I have 2, 301s setting on top of these treadles and a 400, for when I need double needles or zigzag stitches. I have that first beat up 301 in a soft sided tool bag, ready to go.

I’ve been thinking of signing up for local quilting classes, though I’ve already done my first quilt project, I made it for my wife, who has said that there is no such thing as too big of a beach bag, so I made her a monster sized quilted beach bag out of sea shore themed fabric I found when riding the Harley down to Cedar Key. Quilting is huge here in North Central Florida, Even it’s history with the Underground Railroad is fascinating.
Hey, I'm new here too. Nice story and introduction. Welcome from Detroit
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Hi Mike and welcome from Southern California. Even though you've made your first quilt, I want to encourage you to take classes. After sewing and teaching for many years -- probably even before some of your machines were made -- I still take classes and almost always learn something. Sometimes it's an easier way or a new idea, plus socializing. Think about it once we get through Covid.
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Hey SallyS, I have recently taken a class, there is an excellent quilting store 20 minutes from me. In fact I was just there a few hours ago getting a clarification on joining the binding for the baby quilts I mention below. I’ve the binding on the class project, I just need to tack down the binding back. I like the hand stitching of the back binding. It’s a great look.

I’ve temporarily put it on the back burner. I decided to make baby quilts for my niece’s twins. They had a rough time of it, all three. The identical twins shared the placenta, it concerned the doctor to the point he delivered them early, he was so concerned for my nieces health/live, she’s a PRN working at Miami Children Hospital. They all are doing fantastic even the smallest one, Ellie. I got to hold her at our thanksgiving get together in Miami. The Chief of Emergency Medicine at Miami Children’s Hospital is a good friend of mine, he was the drummer in my Miami Band.”o) I told my Niece to introduce herself to him, next time she was in a meeting with him, and mention me. She did, Jeff told her “I love that guy!”

So I came back to the farm and attached the ends of the bindings to both baby quilts, I did a good job too, You can hardly see the joint. As of an hour or so ago I’ve got half of the first back binding done. I’ll have them both finished with in a few days. Well ahead of Christmas. My sister, the twins grandmother. is going to be so surprised, and probably a little pissed. These kind of handmade gifts become heirlooms in my family.

I’m glad I’m on track to have these finished up for Christmas.

I’ll be busy through January, then I’ll take the next guilting class.

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Welcome to the Quilt Board. I was born and raised in Miami but I now live in Central Florida also and I have a 1955 Singer that I love for quilt piecing. I took a class on Seminole patchwork and I made a few items. It is not as difficult as it looks with the new method of cutting and sewing. I hope you try it out for yourself. My daughter used to live in Homestead and she was a school teacher but she moved to Marianna in the Florida panhandle and she loves it there.
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Most of my family is still in south FL. It’s too crowded for me. Last time we tried to take a ride down the Keys it took 2 hours to get to Tavener. I used to be able to get to Key West in a little over 2 hours.

Central Florida is nice. Some great wilderness areas. I enjoyed the Everglades, the mosquito’s keep a lot of people away from those areas.
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A warm welcome from Arizona.
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