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Hello and a question

Hello and a question

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Default Hello and a question

Hello from San Francisco!

New to quilting, self-taught. Currently sewing on a brother cs6000i. I am actually looking fir suggestions for a new mach (a Real sewing machine) under $1200. Looking for a sturdy machine that will last a while. I plan on keeping the brother for piercing and buttonholes. Any suggestions or pointing me to past posts would be greatly welcomed!


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Hi! Finding the "right" machine depends on what you want to use it for. Are you only needing it to piece quilts and then to quilt the sandwich? Or do you want a bunch of decorative stitches and computerized embroidery capabilities? There is a thread active today that might help you in some ways - it is about regretting a sewing machine purchase. Most of us will tell you that you really need to buy in a shop where you can test out the machine vs. buying one online, even if you save some money by purchasing online. Let us know what you are looking for and someone will chime in with suggestions.
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Hello and welcome! It would help to know more about what you want to do/what you feel your current machine isn't doing for you. Are there specific features you want? Would you consider a used system/do you have a shop that will sell you one with a warranty or service contract?

For a long time I used a very basic vintage machine (it did have zig zag and that was about it), but a wonderful reliable steady straight stitch. Then for a year I've been using a modern Bernina that needs to go to the shop right now. With that down, I brought out my cheapo portable Brother (a lower end model than yours) because working beats non-working! Anyway, I have multiple machines and they all have advantages and disadvantages and what those are depends on the person and the project.

I'd say the first thing I'd do with Brother like yours or mine is put down an anti-skid mat or something if you don't have a table mount. Mine wants to dance all around the table while I chase it!
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Hello from Texas. I can't answer your machine but I sure am glad you are on this board. You will find help & encouragement here & we would all love to see what you are making these days!
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A warm welcome from Southern Indiana!
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Welcome to the QB...I lived in Vacaville for 37 years and still visit a couple times a year to visit family and friends.

When I started quilting back in 2010, my first “real” machine was a Janome 6600 which was about $1000. It has been a workhorse for me and it is a sturdy machine. Unfortunately, there are so many newer models to choose from but I would test drive any machine before you make a decision.
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Welcome from Michigan!
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Welcome to the QB and good luck on finding the machine of your dreams. Ask 10 quilters for a machine recommendation, and you'll get 10 different replies. Test drive is essential for you.
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Welcome for SE Michigan to t he QB! Purchasing a sewing machine is like getting the right wedding gown for the big day. You need to try them out, feel all the buttons and designs, look closely at the stitching and get a feel for the over all finished product. To do this go to a dealership close to you. Many dealers sell different makes and models for you to choose from. My dream machine may be different than yours. Keep your mind open to floor models and used machines that have a good warranty. Stay within your price range and don't let someone talk you into something outside your budget.
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Welcome aboard! As others have said, it's up to you. Every quilter is different. Decide on what features you want, and what you expect to do with it. Will you be quilting on it? Do you want several different stitches? Try out several different machines, using several different techniques. For me, personally, I have been quilting for quite awhile, and feel the cost of the machine doesn't matter much, in that I can stitch on a $300 machine, or a $1,000 machine. I have 4 machines, and none of them were costly. What I find makes me a better quilter is perfecting the basics. Cutting, piecing, design, color and fabric choice, type of batting, and backing are all important. Good luck with your search, and be sure to post pictures of your creations in the future!
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