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Originally Posted by Iceblossom View Post
Welcome from the left coast of Seattle!

I don't do handwork myself, no patience and bad vision combine to thwart me. One of the ladies I used to know did a lot of redwork and I learned quite a bit from her.

I have a 1970s set of cross-stitched blocks that I picked up at the thrift store for next to nothing waiting to be turned into a quilt. They are a blocky large design of what I would call a tulip star, blocks finish maybe 16". Mostly variegated earth tones. I have some fabric from the 70s I'll be using as sashing along with some modern red.

I'm rather concerned about the quality of the stamped fabric and was going to to most of the quilting down before I attach the blocks to the batting, basically a quilt as you go method to help reinforce and stabilize the rather flimsy fabric -- do you have any suggestions for me?
I haven't quilted in that way so I don't think I'll be much help. I don't do my own quilting (except small projects) as my fingers are getting a bit kinked now and tend to complain rather loudly if I use them too much. I have a friend in PA who has done all of my quilting for the last 4 years. Do you plan to post a pic? I'm hoping I can learn to do that, I love the vintage tops I do and would like to share them with others.
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Originally Posted by QuiltBaer View Post
Welcome Kathia from another Mountaineer! I'm in Clarksburg.
This is a great place with lots of quilty inspiration and friendly advice.
Thanks for the "welcome". I'm still trying to find my way. Took me a while to understand what a "thread" was. My nephew lives just outside Clarksburg. What is your interest, pieced, embroidered, machine or hand quilting or other. Seems to be a lot of different interests here.
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It took me months to figure out how to post pictures here, there are some pretty great resources in the Help/FAQ section,

For me it mostly is that I use a "vintage" digital camera and my picture file sizes were too large, I drag them from my file manager to this site:
And use their defaults to get my pictures to an acceptable file size. Then I download it from that site.

Here, some people can get their paper clip icon to work -- not me, so I type in my reply and then I hit the "Go Advanced" button. From there I find the option to "Manage Attachments" (it is in the middle and doesn't stand out), and then I use the browse button to go to my download folder (it's a preset option) which is where those reduced pictures are. Then (I'm almost ashamed at how long it took me to figure out with the new board design) you have to change the size of the window so you see the "Upload" button at the far right, window comes out long and narrow, you want it wide and narrow...

In some of the steps I have to do a CTRL Click to get stuff to come up. I don't think about it when I do it.

Here's some pictures of the blocks. They are consistent with the yellow tulips, the red squares, and the brown box but the inner design is different, about 6 different blocks for a total of 12 I think. I'm cheap and so got them for under $5, again, the brown is a true 1970s vintage fabric and the red is modern but I think about the right color.
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Love the colors ! Don't know the pattern. How big are you going to make it? I like to have my blocks mostly on the top of the bed then "frame" around it as if it is the matting of a picture I'm framing. I use long solid strips around the top portion so the pattern so the quilting shows really well along the side, usually an 18" drop down the sides. Yours will be beautiful when you're done. I already imagine how it's gonna look in a room, especially if its near a window.
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Howdy & welcome from Texas! So glad you decided to join this board. There is tons of help & friendly folks here.
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Welcome to the QB! I love cross stitch and of course making many quilts. There is always room for another quilt in my home. My youngest sister is currently making a quilt with blocks she made from cross stitch. She is coming over Monday and we will be cutting sashing for the quilt top. Her blocks are so pretty. I have only tried cross stitch on a couple small projects but I do like to do needlepoint. Jump right in there is so much to share and so much to learn. Most of all so much fun to be had.
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