Hi - I'm up in washington and tend to quilt mainly in the wintertime when the snow gets so thick I can't get out much. I choose to quilt without the aid of books and the like and use traditional blocks. My favorite website is linked above. I mix and match them.. my favorite quilt that still needs to be batted and then is offically done is a jacob's ladder quilt block with an enhanced edging I made using the arkansaw crossroads patch. Overall I play around do a lot of math and be as creative as need be to get the job done. I handsew the batting layers but machine sew the patches together. My goal is to make a quilt that can be washed and actually used - but is pretty too. Anyway.. my name is Lori and if I can be of any help to anyone feel free to contact me. (I don't have the experince that many ladies do here - more like a couple of years but I research a lot and love finding and or creating short cuts for everything)

ps I'd love a board where people post photos of their quilts!