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Default Long Lurking

I've been lurking for a number of years, learning. I've noticed for some time there has been a change in the way things are posted. I'm getting all these games, recipes and other things. Is there a way to get just general quilting/sewing/embroidery posts. I don't have time to wade through 14 pages of posts.

Yes I prewash my fabrics. Yes I break up fat quarters. I've owned Pfaff machines for years. Machines seem to all computerized now. What ever happened to the good old gear driven rotary hook machines? I'm dating myself.

My preferred batting is Quilters Dream Select. I've found some of the prefered ones by the list are just too heavy. By the time I'm ready to put a king sized quilt under my domestic machines I want to be able to lift it. Of course I do live in a warm climat - Las Vegas.

Hopedully someone can solve my deliema of having to wade through so many posts to find a topicc worth reading.
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Welcome from Ontario, Canada. If you come to the main Quiltingboard menu, you can find many different sections like..Main, pictures..etc. I usually click on New Posts.
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Welcome from NJ. I do as Tartan does and just use the 'new posts' link. I skip the games, most of the recipes. My main interests are piecing; hand quilting and becoming more intrigued by ruler quilting. Oh, and vintage machines. So those are the posts that I read.

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This is my favorite quilting place and have been educated by the many talented quilters here for years, but like you...I do not have any interest in the games. I get a daily notification and just browse the new posts. Tartan is correct, you can just log into the QB main menu and select your category. You can also use the “subscribe” to get notifications of threads that interest you. Good luck.
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Welcome from Michigan!
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Welcome from Delaware!
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Welcome to the QB from SE Michigan! As mentioned if you go to the main menu you can choose which groups you want to read this way you don't have to see things that don't interest you. Me, I scan everything and just disregard games and recipes. (they don't interest me either). There is, as you have noticed, so many things to learn and enjoy here. I hope you continue to enjoy everything there is to offer here. I look forward to see you here. Again welcome to the QB.
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Welcome out of lurking. as I say, I'm waving hello from a safe personal distance near Seattle

It does sound like you go through the digest, I come to the site and pick and choose the threads and I skip whole sections of things. It's funny that I love word games and such and I just don't even go there here...

I think its wonderful that the world of quilting can contain so many wonderful people doing very different things at different skill levels and for different reasons, but we all have only so much time and interest ourselves. For me, a forum is like a newspaper in the old days. I sit here with my cup of coffee and browse the headlines, turning the pages until something interests me. And then coffee break is over. Still, I drink way too much coffee!
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Hello and welcome from Minnesota!
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Hello DrosieD! Welcome from partly sunny Southern California. Like Iceblossom, the QB is my newspaper substitute. I have been sewing for many, many years and still find new information here, and people who are kind, knowledgeable and sharing. And like Iceblossom, I love coffee.

My quilts are mostly art quilting, usually lots of piecing in them and some paint. There's lots of info here that makes me look forward to it every morning. It's fun to answer or comment on some of the posts, and I hope you'll enjoy doing that, too.
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