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Choosing a wadding material

Choosing a wadding material

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Default Choosing a wadding material

I have recently taken an interest in quilting. I would like to try quilting a fabric myself, however, I am having trouble with what fabric and wadding to use. I want to ask for your thoughts regarding what materials should I use as a beginner before purchasing one from this quilting wadding online seller. Thank you!
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Welcome to the forums. Most of us are US based, but we do have quite a few Canadians and some UK members who may be able to give you more local supplier or product recommendations.

Stateside, we typically call the middle layer as "batting". The choice of wadding/batting is personal and is one part what is right for the project and one part what is right for the person. I make usable/washable blankets, I have different concerns than someone making an art quilt. How you plan to quilt the projects is also key -- there are some things you are going to notice as a hand quilter that you might not notice using a long arm.

Right now, the "standard" I see is Warm & Natural, made by this company:

I myself prefer less quilting than is currently popular and typically use a puffier poly batt. Is also a weight thing, as well as allergies. There are many choices and reasons for those choices.
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I make quilts that are meant to be slept or cuddled under, so I tend to use all cotton in thread, fabric, and batting. My favorite thread is Aurifil 40 wt., and my favorite batting is Quilters Dream Select (I think that's the one with the pink label). I do use Warm and Natural occasionally, but I find Quilters Dream has a softer "hand." I have used wool batting for some smaller art pieces and wall hangings. I never use polyester batting anymore because I find it creeps through the fabric after a while (this is called "bearding"). Welcome to the world of quilting!
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Welcome to the board!! - As Iceblossom said the choice of batting/wadding is a personal choice.Each type of batting gives the final quilt a different feel. I use Warm and Natural .... but the reason I do so, is that I purchase 40 yard rolls and have it on hand. If I am doing a baby quilt, I sometimes purchase bamboo. As to fabric, I am a fan of 100% cotton (again personal choice). Once the top is assembled, I layer it with the batting and the backing (again my choice is 100% cotton) and actually quilt it.

I might recommend over a period of time that you try a few different types / fiber content of what is available to you and after a while you will have a preference for how you want the quilt to feel.Also one sidebar comment ... a loosely quilted quilt ( one with less dense quilting) will be softer and hang differently from a more densely quilted item.
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For a beginner I would suggest an 80/20 cotton blend. Also, use one that gives you the widest distance to quilt. You don’t want to quilt something so dense on your first attempt. It will handle easier than poly. Your fabrics will not slip as easily as it would with a poly batting. As you get more comfortable with quilting you could try other options to see how you like working with them and which final result you prefer
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