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Connecting Quilts Together

Connecting Quilts Together

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Default Connecting Quilts Together

Hi, I'm completely new to this...I have a special project I'm trying to do for my mom, sister and nieces.

My grandmother made quite a few small quilts back in her day. I want to be able to connect them all together by some means, so that they make one big, regular-sized quilt. That way, all of these women can each have a small piece of one large heirloom.

My question: Is there some way of attaching 2 quilts together, in a non-permanent way? I don't want to use buttons. In my mind, I'm picturing something like velcro, but that seems a little harsh. Has anyone ever tried something like this, or have any good ideas? Thanks in advance.
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I have never heard of sewing several small quilts together so that you can sub-cut them again. Why not just cut the ones you have into pieces and add binding to each smaller piece? Or frame them for wall hangings? Even if you do try to put them together, not everyone is going to get a piece of all the quilts. If the goal is to have everyone have a little bit of each one, then figure out a pleasing pattern that can be glued or sewn to a backing piece and frame them for wall art. You could make pie shaped pieces or 9 patches or just what ever your artistic mind can create. You could use a shadow box to protect the pieces from dust, but you need to protect them from too much light too.
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Welcome to the QB from SE Michigan! You have a very interesting question and I am not sure exactly sure what you want to accomplish. First of all no matter what you decided to do . Don't use velcro. Your quilts will not lay flat. I would personally make separate quilts for each one and each person would have their own keepsake Depending on the size it could be a wall hanging or lap quilt or even larger or smaller. Just depends on what you have to work with. Again welcome to the QB hope to see a lot of you here.

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Hello there, good to have new quilters here.

That way, all of these women can each have a small piece of one large heirloom.

I don't understand, are you cutting a large heirloom to make separate smaller quilts or trying to put smaller quilts together to make a larger quilt?

To sew two quilts together, butt up the edges and join it with a edge joining foot, usually used for joining lace. The join won't be a strong one but it will work and not cause bulk. You could make it strong by having a srip of fabric under the join on the back side that had no raw edges to show.

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