Sewing enthusiasts from the professional to the hobbyist will appreciate Carriff’s Sewing Fabric. Unlike traditional sewing paper that tears easily and can be difficult to handle, our Sewing Fabric is lightweight, durable, and flexible for all sewing applications.

While ordinary sewing paper often proves too delicate for many sewing projects, tracing and cutting sewing fabrics with Carriff’s Sewing Fabric is a breeze. Unlike paper, it clings to most designer fabrics, so cutting out sewing patterns is quicker and easier.

In addition to tracing and sewing, Carriff’s Sewing Fabric can also be used as garment interfacing, since it is washable. With its clingy, durable texture, it can even be used as a stabilizer for machine embroidery.

Part Number Description Price
12300SF 12" x 300' Sewing Fabric $11.95
24300SF 24" x 300' Sewing Fabric $19.95
241500SF 24" x 1500' Sewing Fabric $53.95
36300SF 36" x 300' Sewing Fabric $27.95
361500SF 36" x 1500' Sewing Fabric $80.95
48300SF 48" x 300' Sewing Fabric $35.95
481500SF 48" x 1500' Sewing Fabric $105.95
601500SF 60" x 1500' Sewing Fabric $131.95
721500SF 72" x 1500' Sewing Fabric $158.95

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