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Default Tangrams

tangrams and other manipulative shapes are a great way to learn how shapes go together.
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Thanks for the Information do you have any links that teach about this. It is new to me.
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Here is a fun introduction to tangrams



and tangram puzzles:


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As an elementary teacher, tangrams were always one of the things my kids looked forward to in math class every year. They didn't always see the math part of it. They just liked playing with the pieces. I loved some of the designs they would come up with. Very creative.
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Even as a HS Math teacher I had several boxes of puzzles which included tangrams in the classroom so if the kids were done with an exam they could "play". The kids always loved the tangrams. debstoehr is correct - the kids never got the connection but it is a great to see how space can be filled!
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Oh- Idea time. Make a quilt with the black shapes for some of the designs, Then make a set of cloth "blocks" to go with, and the children can use the cloth blocks to lay over the black shapes to fill in the different designs.
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I have kept the same wooden set of tangrams on my coffee table since my kids were little. Everyone at one time or other makes designs with them, my 1 1/2 year old great grand knows to lay them out touching the sides, not so much fill in the gaps. LOL Now of course a picture is taken of the fun designs they make.
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