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Anyone have Brother PE540D Embroidery Machine

Anyone have Brother PE540D Embroidery Machine

Old 10-29-2019, 04:23 PM
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Default Anyone have Brother PE540D Embroidery Machine

Several years ago my sweet husband bought me a Brother PE540D embroidery machine on line as a gift. I have difficulty understanding instructions, so I took a class from the local Brother Quilt shop. I paid $50. They couldn’t help me much as the machine was not a “high” level one like they sell. I packed the machine away and have never tried it again. I had wanted a machine that could embroider words , and I don’t know if this one can.
Does anyone have this machine? Can you give me any advice? I found a YouTube video using a newer model (PE550D). Mine is confusing about embroiderying (sp?)words. It seems I would have to do letter by letter.
Any advice would be much appreciated!!!! Thank you!

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Old 10-29-2019, 06:26 PM
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I do not have that machine but I am hoping someone here can help you!!!
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Old 10-29-2019, 06:44 PM
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I am only familiar with Husqvarna Viking embroidery software. The top of the line software is Premium Plus 2 Ultra. You can use the "Letters" to create words and add your own "Letters" to make words. I don't know if any other embroidery software has the feature to add your own "Letters" to make words.
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Old 10-30-2019, 03:18 AM
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You should be able to make complete words on your machine..one letter at a time and 'saving'. Your machine has a feature for selecting a tutorial for using the machine. Perhaps it is explained there.
I understand you to want complete words rather than creating with one letter at a time. I understand..I want my words saved and ready to embroider a''all at once'', rather than having to select individually and lock together. First, you need fonts on your computer. Many emb sites will offer free fonts--download to your computer, being sure they are in .pes format. Second, you need software to use the fonts and create words. A good starter might be a simple program that allows you to merge your fonts into words, merge designs, add design to words, and transfer completed creation from computer to machine.. It is for 4x4 & 5x7 hoops only. "Combine Design" is sold by http://bowsandclothes.com/software and costs only $11. I am not affiliated, but it was one of my 1st softwares way back when it was introduced for $5. It is not a sophisticated software like those that cost hundreds or thousands, but will let you wet your toes to see if you want to go further. I just ck'd the site and it is still available. Oh, there are videos teaching you how to use it--be sure and watch. I'm afraid you will become addicted to your machine once you get familiar with it.
Other and better suggestions may come along. Good luck.

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Yes, you are able to do words and monograms with this machine. When you have your embroidery attachment on tightly a screen will appear and there will be several symbols one should be a letter. That is what you key in to make letters for names or small phrases. Play with it to learn what works best for you.
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Thank you all for your help and encouragement. I try to start “playing around” practicing, using your advice! I appreciate you all!

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Yes, letter by letter.

Most likely you need to hit "set" then "add" select the letter you want and hit "set" then "add" until you get all the letters spelled out.
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Old 11-21-2019, 10:31 AM
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You have to load each letter separate before you embroider. It is much easier to do in software especially since you have a small screen. I recommend embrilliance essentials if you want to do lettering. You should be able to do it with your machine but your machine is only a 4x4 so you are limited on size without splitting a design which you would need software for
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NewNommi, take a look at this you tube tutorial.. It helped me and I was just testing the machine: https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=mcafee&p=brother+pe540d+embroidery+machin e#id=1&vid=a8a6f4fd2612ac04920884fe1d339f4c&action =click
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I am not sure if you are still following this thread or not. But in order to write words easily you need a computer program such a Embrilliance. My friend that has a Brother PE770 and she uses this one.
What you want are called fonts - then you find the style you want, decide what to say, type it in and save it (as you would any computer file). You then transfer this to your machine via a USB cable - my friend is able to use the USB thumb drive. (I couldn't find if the work on your Brother PE540D, but it could. It is super easy to do. The hard part is getting it to right size. :-) If you see something do download as an Alphabet then it is the individual letters, and you have to do it one letter at a time.
You can contact Brother at their website and ask them if a thumb drive can be used instead of a cable.
Check out Embrilliance on line - it does do many things and definitely worth the money. I have a similar system for my Husqvarna/Viking, but I do have Embrilliance because I get a lot of fonts that are fun to use. (And no, I do not have any financial interest in the Embrilliance company - just love to use their program.) I will tell you where a design will start stitching, you can download more fonts to it which I cannot do with my 5D embroidery program for my Husqvarna.
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