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Piecing stabilizer

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Default Piecing stabilizer

Can you put the scraps of stabilizer together to use another time. If so, how do you do it? I put scraps of batting together using my zigzag stitch, but that doesn't seem like a good idea for the stabilizer. Thanks for your help.
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I have never done that. But you could give it a try. I think I would try and not piece it where the actual embroidery would go cuz that might interfer with stitch formation? But maybe you could piece it to make it big enough to go in the frame? I don't know. I know one the things I used to do to get as much use of my stabilizer as I could was to cut a longer piece of it, hoop, do the embroidery, then trim as close to the embroidery as I could, then rehoop again. That way I saved a bit of stabilizer as I worked down the strip with multiple embroideries. I do the same type of thing with my accuquilt cutter as it does same fabric too.
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If I may butt in on the stabilizer question….when I bought my 1st emb machine (way back), I bought on a vacation trip to CA. It was the Brother Snoopy model. In demonstrating, the sales lady advised that I didn’t have to always hoop stabilizer with my projects. She showed how to hoop the project and just slide the stabilizer underneath the hoop. That is what I do most of the time, for more than 20 yrs now. I save all sizes of scraps, and I can usually slide the right size under the design that I’m stitching.
Its been very economical for me. But another hint…if it’s WSS scraps that you are using under your project, you can "glue" the scraps together by dampening with water, press together, let dry. Hope this helps.
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What type of stabilizer are you using?

For some stabilizers, I cut out a window and replace the window of stabilizer. I use a glue stick to hold it in place. Make sure the window is secure as that area can be the cause of issues with either tearing or moving.

You can use 2 pieces of cut-away glued together. Hoop them and then cut the window for the embroidery. Add the actual piece of stabilizer (sticky-back) and proceed.

I have used a glue stick and put 2 pieces of no-show-mesh together if I need to extend the stabilizer to fit the hoop. I use this type for most projects as it can be left in the quilt block or project easily.

Next tip up is to use WSS double-sided tape to put the pieces of stabilizer together. Use enough tape along the seam so it won't pull apart when stitching. My concern is the area where the embroidery foot is going to be moving along and to prevent it catching as the foot moves. This works well to join 2 pieces together.

Next tip is to cut the stabilizer so you can do multiple hoopings. Just leave the block in the hoop and then move the hoop so you can make the next block.

I don't stress over saving stabilizer but try to hoop wisely. The LQS always has a sale come along and I stock up then.

One how-to below:


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One more clever idea for you!

I would purchase a large envelope at the office store to use for this one!

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I haven't put stabilizers together to use again but I do keep the larger scraps to just put under my hoop when I need a little extra in certain spots of the embroidery design. I also have used the scraps to make say a template for a pattern. There's so many uses for scraps these days and with how the prices just keep going up, I keep looking for more ways to use them.
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I overlap pieces of stabilizer and use them over. as long as the hole is covered and it is held securely in the hoop, you should be fine.
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Watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZDNfxSyg6E (from Rhonda K) & learned something.... Have to give it a try... I do soo hate to waste stablizer, especially WSS...

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