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question about high tension bobbin

question about high tension bobbin

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Default question about high tension bobbin

Hi everyone,
I hope that you are a patient group as I am new to machine embroidery and new to forums. I have a Janome 350e and would like to know about a high tension bobbin to improve my more dense stitching. I believe I need to purchase the "yellow dot". Have anyone of you worked with this bobbin?
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Hi & Welcome!

How many stitches are the design? You may need to add another layer of stabilizer to prevent pull or puckers.

What type of fabric are you stitching the design on? You may also need to fuse a light weight stabilizer to the back of the background fabric.

Do you have a local dealer to inquire for the special bobbin?

Are you using pre-wounds?

I use pre-wounds in most of the designs I use. There is more thread on pre-wounds and it is a thinner thread.
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So far I have stitched only on cotton quilting fabric and cotton dish towels. I see bobbin threads when the stitch count and density is higher. I generally see bobbin threads with a satin stitch and not all parts of the stitch, mostly when the design is more narrow, like a curl of a script letter. I do use pre wound bobbins for my brand machine.
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typically, the bobbin thread used when embrodiering is finner then the bobbin thread you use when piecing or sewing. So there is less resistance in the bobbin case so that means the bobbin thread can show up on the top. It all has to do with the balance between the top and bobbin threads. Normally when embroidering we want the top thread to be loser so that it is pulled further down into the fabric so we don't see the bobbin threads on top. you might be able to adjust this by tightening the screw on the bobbin but most experts recommend against doing that as then you have to remember to loosen the screw again when doing regular sewing and sometimes it is hard to get it the right spot. So most experts recommend that you purchase a second bobbin case to use when doing something that requires a different bobbin tension such as embroidery or in the opposite direction bobbin work which would require a thicker thread in the bobbin and hence needing to loosen the tension screw....in short....I guess what I am trying to say, purchasing a separate bobbin just for doing embroidery makes sense and now sewing machine manufacturers are making bobbins specifically for embroidery....I have a Bernina and I have purchased the "yellow" bobbin case for embroidery....I haven't tried it yet...
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my embroidery machine came with three different bobbin cases.
one for regular sewing; one for embroidering; and one for bobbin work.

i can't remember which one i was using when i should have been using the other but i do remember the results were awful.

get the specialty bobbin case.
it will be worth it in the long run.
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