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Default Software

What software embroidery program do you use? Do you like it?
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What do you want to do? I don't do designs. I use Embird to resize embroidery, some minor changes or splitting an embroidery pattern and to change the design to what I can use. If you want to design, you have to buy the Studio segment. I have it, but it is so far over my head that I will never be able to use it successfully. Others breeze through it and make beautiful designs. Have fun exploring the website.
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I use Embrilliance software. very user friendly. Does a lot for a small amount of money compared to some of the software out there. You cna download a free sample to try.
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I don't use any soft-ware. The design is transferred from my laptop to to the usb and then loaded into the machine. I can resize or edit from the machine if needed.

Some stitchers like soft-ware so they can see the design images. I just open the pdf file to see it and the color changes if needed.
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I have Bernina machines and I use Bernina Software. I'm waiting for version 9 to start shipping. When I first started using it, most features were over my head, but I've grown into it. I like to tinker with designs. There are so many software packages out there that you need to figure out what you want to do now and what you may want to get into later. Take your time and research...find YouTube videos and spend an afternoon with an endless cup of coffee. Good luck.
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I have a Bernina 590 and a Viking Topaz 40 Both of these can do some things right on the machine and there is free software I have downloaded also to do a bit more. I do not create my own designs so i have not gotten the big bucks software. I can resize, multiple, add other designs to the one I have right on the machine. That is enough. I can see the designs on my machines and step through the color changes and even change the brand of thread, so I don't have to use a color chart to convert.
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I use Embird too. When I first got Embird it was a basice software. Over time and upgrades, it has a lot more functions than I use. I do have the ability to create new designs on Embird, but I find it does have a steep learning curve. I discovered that I don't have the patience, creativity, or talent to create a totally new design. You can buy the basic program and add on other functions if you want.

Bernina had a very basic software that was free. I don't know if they still have it.
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I use Sew What software for all my resizing- merging- applique overlapping-color changing ect , Any digitizing I have Hatch 2 and it's the go-to for any design work or stitch change- monogramming or it will do any creation or modification that's required for embroidery
Hatch is a big outlay but worth every penny, if you want to purchase wait for the discount about 4 times a year and save about $400
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I don't digitize but I do slice and dice some designs and make new ones with them. I like being able to change the thread colors as well as thread brands. I use Embird and have kept up to date with all their updates and upgrades. I also have their Iconiziser which allows me to search thru my designs without having to open up the program. This also helps me to search thru my quilting pattern designs too. I can also convert my designs to another format which is helpful as I used to have a Babylock and Viking machine.

Also I found out that I can convert my quilting pattern designs to another format to use in a program called ProQDesigner that does not see IQ format but will convert to a format the IQ can use so I don't have to take all my numerous designs somewhere to have them converted to use in the IQ. This was just recently that I found this out.
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I use Generations, not as expensive as the professional Wilcom but it does everything I need and design formats can be converted to most machines
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