Some seem to have been told that we cannot use the GO dies in the Studio. THIS IS AN UNTRUTH! I just used my 3 1/2 inch strip in it by taking my adapter pad from my Big shot Westminster and even the tray since I have not yet received the studio one and added another piece of plyboard put the die in, fabric, than two pads on top and it worked.

You don't have to go to the extreme that I did and only did so until my tray comes in for Studio for strips.

Anyway any die cutting machine can be fixed to be used. for instance I have used .45 thick chipboard in my other machines that needed a lift to use other dies in the Big Shot such as the Go dies.

Haven't looked to see if Accuquilt has an adapter pad for the studio to use the Go dies in it but one can be creative and create there own adapter pad. Simply go to a place like Lowes and get 2 or 3 different thickness boards cut to fit your tray and use as a lift in your machine to be able to use all sorts of dies for your machine.

I've used the chipboard in my Big Kick, Westminister and now the Studio to use dies from other companies in these machines. For the Studio I will go and get couple boards or so of various thicknesses so I can use any die in it.