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Originally Posted by mckwilter View Post
For hand applique, I use the Mettler Silk thread, which is 100% cotton. Why they call it "Silk" is anybody's guess. It is a 50/2 thread.
If you check, you will find out that it is called "silk finish". This is a smooth finish given to the cotton thread at the end of the manufacturing process. Without it, the thread would look more fuzzy.
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If by DMC Thread you are talking about the embroidery floss commonly sold in skeins of 6 strands of floss, I would not use this for needle turn applique. I would use it for doing a hand blanket stitch applique. It all depends what look you are trying to go for. Just about any hand (or machine) applique can be done using these different techniques. If you want your stitching to not show at all, be invisible, then no, I would not recommend even using a single strand of DMC embroidery floss. For blind stitch or ladder stitch applique that is invisible (either needle turn or prepared applique units) my thread of choice is 100 wt silk. I use either YLI silk or Superior brand Kimono silk. I have never had an issue with either of these products knotting up or otherwise misbehaving and they sink into the fabric and are about as close to invisible as one can get.

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The thing is I'm working on a budget and DMC is pretty cheap and a little more easy to use.
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Originally Posted by DannyValentine View Post
The thing is I'm working on a budget and DMC is pretty cheap and a little more easy to use.
If that is the case then use what you can and what you have access to. If DMC floss is in your price range and easy for you to use, then by all means use it. You may wish to make this a blanket stitch applique instead of needle turn. It has more of a country feel to it, not as formal and is better suited to your materials.

If your heart is set on applique where your stitches are hidden then I would recommend trying to find a lighter weight thread. Even Coats and Clark dual duty commonly found in Walmart would work.

The beauty of using a super fine thread like silk is you don't have to get every color so it isn't near as expensive as you would first assume. Because the silk is so fine and sinks in you only have to buy a neutral light, medium and dark. The YLI gift set from Connecting Threads http://www.connectingthreads.com/Too...5__D20310.HTML

is all you would need to complete an entire applique quilt and have loads leftover, probably even enough for 2 more quilts
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Originally Posted by Tartan View Post
I do like to use a hoop for hand appliqué because I tend to scrunch my work up too much if it don't. I also prevents me from pulling my thread too tight causing the background to pucker.

Good idea..I too scrunch things and therefore hate doing it....will dig out a hoop......
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May I suggest you test the DMC to ensure the colour won't bleed ...
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We've had a lot of complaints about DMC embroidery floss at the store -- with breaking and the colors running. I don't think I would use it. I use Metler Silk Finish 100% cotton, for my hand applique. It isn't silk, it's a nice smooth silk finish. Love the stuff!
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I prefer silk. Itis pricey but you can buy a couple of neutral which will work. I use YLI 235 a lot. If you are going to put all that work into needle turn, use the best possible thread you can afford. You can use cotton but I don't think you should use DMC.
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I, too, use YLI silk thread. Maybe the reason you're getting breaks is the length too long. Whatever you end up with, please let us know.
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I use the duel duty Coats & Clark thread, single strand, matching each color. It is my favorite for this purpose. For blanket stitch I use the embroidery floss, 2 strands.
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