Thanks to jaciqltznok for mentioning something which was on my mind, in her recent post about handmade raffle items. (see her post )

I'm working on door prizes for a Heart Walk. This is being organized by one of the10th grade 4-H students in our county, with the target population of 5th graders, their family and friends. I already provide free lessons to middle and high school 4-H'ers, and have worked selectively with 5th graders. (In addition to being the bat lady, I'm also the 4-H lady)

The quilt kit Jaci mentioned is a terrific idea for an auction, but I'm working with a "select one" door prize. I'd like to have something which is gender and age non specific.

What ideas can you share, and how would I market it? (like Jacis' tin & kit, a small album of ideas, a sampler photo?)