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Thread: Babylock Elegante 2 and Elna question

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    Babylock Elegante 2 and Elna question

    I am taking a crafty class and she has shown us how to make stencils on paper by sewing the design without thread in your machine. I love this idea but my machine does not. It will stop every few stitches without thread in it. I have tried leaving the bobbin in, taking the bobbin out, leaving the upper thread in down just to the needle and tying it off on the needle screw. That one worked for awhile till the machine caught on to me and now doesn't work. I have tried leaving the upper thread out as well. As much as I paid for this thing you would think there is a way to turn the sensors off.
    I also have an Elna and it does the same thing..can anyone help??

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    Sorry, I have an older viking and she cannot be fooled either. I bought a newer viking machine and there's a 'no thread' setting, but if I only had the orginal one, I would be out of luck. I even asked the dealer who told me that that was a FEATURE added to the newer machines.
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    I've never had my Viking or Elna refuse to sew without the thread? I use this method a lot and would be horrified if my machine refused.

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    I downloaded your manual to see what it had to say about this issue. Here's what it says on page 232 (page 244 on the downloaded pdf manual). The page after that also has some info regarding threading issues. Not sure if this info will help...sounds like it may not sew without thread.

    • This machine is equipped with a thread detection device. If the “Start/Stop” button is pushed before the
    upper threading is done, the machine will not operate properly. Also, depending on the pattern selected,
    the machine may feed the fabric even if the needle is raised. This is due to the needle bar release
    mechanism. At these times, the machine will make a sound different from that made during normal
    sewing. This is not the sign of a malfunction.
    • If the power is disconnected during sewing:
    Turn the main power to OFF and unplug the machine.
    If you restart the machine, follow the instructions for operating the machine correctly.
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    One reason I still have OLD portable machines.

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    I have made the stencils on my Ellegante BLG (the first one) before I got my Babylock Jane that isn't computerized, and I have 'sharpened' needles using the needle sharpening pads. I don't use thread for either one.
    I remove the thread from the needle and set the tension at 5.0. I hold the thread off to the left just enough to put some tension on it while sewing-thread barely moves, but it must move a little to prevent setting off the sensor. The thread does still go through the upper looping system all the way down to the last thread guide above the needle. Very little thread is used, and if you loosen the tension on the machine after you are done with the stencils, you 'could' remove the thread back out and rewind on the spool. I use an old spool of thread for this so I just cut off the thread that has gone through the upper threading system. Yes, it is cumbersome to do the stencils with one hand and to stop and turn often, but it works. It is the only way I have figured out how to do this.
    Also, the buzzer will go off after sewing a distance without thread. Stop, then proceed. Get used to the buzzer. The stencils are worth it.
    Another alternative is to buy yourself a cheap sewing machine and use it for making stencils. Check the thrift stores, garage sales, or Walmart sells them from $23 on up. For the tiny ones at Walmart, a handyman may be able to create a platform to put around the little machine to give a bigger sewing space.

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