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Batting for Wall Hanging Quilts

Batting for Wall Hanging Quilts

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Default Batting for Wall Hanging Quilts

I am about to start some wall hangings for Christmas presents. I probably will stitch in the ditch to quilt them. The wall hangings will be Attic Windows from panels. What batting do you use for wall hangings. These are my first. Thanks!!
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I've used a variety of battings, all with success.

For flat wall hangings with minimal quilting I've used fusible fleece. It comes in fusible on one side or fusible on both sides. I've only used the one that is fusible on one side. I iron the backing onto that side, then flip it and pin baste the top. That's an easy way to make sure you don't get any pleats in your backing fabric.

For wall hangings where I'll be doing more quilting but still want a flat look, I use cotton (either Warm and Natural or Quilter's Dream), Hobbs 60/40 blend of cotton and poly, or bamboo.

If I'm looking to showcase the quilting and want some areas to stand out, I use a double batting, either cotton, Hobbs 60/40 or bamboo on the bottom and then wool on top.


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I’ve used warm & natural- and I’ve used fusible fleece. The fleece is ( puffier) the warm & natural seems to be pretty flat.
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To make wall hanging lay flat, I use a layer of felt in addition to batting. I also interface the backing fabric.
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I have used wool (leftover from larger projects) as well as cotton. It depends on the look you want. The quilting shows up more on wool because it's fluffier, but either type of batting looks nice on wall hangings.
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I use a poly bat in my wall hangings. It is usually the lightest weight I can get so it is not puffy when completed. I suppose it is because I feel differently about wall hangings than I do about bed quilts. I save my higher quality bating for my bed quilts or show quilts (which I haven't done in about 10 years). I am sure what ever you decide will be perfect.
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I buy Pellon Nature's Touch 80/20 by the bolt and use it on everything. But for the first time on my last wall hanging, I doubled the batting. What a difference it made! It hangs better and the stitching looks better. So I think from now on, I will always double the batting for wall hangings.
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I haven't made many wall hangings but I like to use Hobb's 80/20. It is pretty thin and sews up beautifully. Good luck on your decision
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For wall hangings I usually use a regular 80/20 batting with a wool batting on top. This makes the quilting pop.

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I've used Quilter's Dream Request, i think it's the lowest loft they have. However, I am currently working on a wall hanging that I am going to experiment and use unbleached muslin instead of batting.
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