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Thread: Best Advice Received

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    Marybeth's Avatar
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    May 2007
    I think it was the realization that I wanted to quilt and if I waited until I knew everything, then I never would start anything.

    Most quilters are happy to help when one is stuck or confused. Like one this board all you have to do is ask :D

    I am still new but am having a blast. I have given myself permission to try out different things and if they don't work out, I have still learned something. Maybe that I don't want to do that again :wink:

    Remember this is supposed to be fun, not work, not perfect


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    quiltmaker101's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    Pensacola, FL
    I am finding that to relax and enjoy the art of making a quilt is not easy, but I'll get there.

    Unfortunately I took my first quilting class at a shop where the "regulars" scrutinized every seam and corner of the displayed quilts. Believe me they never had anything nice to say. All I heard was, "Well, these seams don't match up!" and "Look how uneven the quilting stitches are!" It made me very self-critical and timid about stretching my skills.

    I just ordered the book "That Dorky Homemade Look" that is for quilters. The excerpts on Amazon were hilarious. It looks like it makes fun of this exact subject and will teach me to laugh at my mistakes and worries.

    Can't wait to read it!

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    Super Member Yvonne's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    Camarillo, California
    Your first quilt class experience is so sad. That was just so very wrong of those ladies! Grrrr!

    Here is my recommendation for your 'cure' of this horrid experience. Next time you're at a quilt show or even on line. Get up close and personal with some antique quilts. Wow! Our grandmothers and our grandmothers, grandmothers were not always that precise in their quilt making. They were making working quilts and obviously had lots of practice and some are pretty awesome but there are also those that didn't always have the perfect stitch or the exactly matched points. Trust me. I've looked! After checking out other quilts really close I always walk away with the attitude, "I can do that!" and I usually do. Also, those less than precise seams and quilting didn't take away from the overall look of the quilt at all!

    Stick with the art. Soon you too will relax and let your quilts be what they want to be! Quilts know best! :-)

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    Moderator kathy's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    on the Texas Coast
    and...... if anyone ever makes the perfect quilt, I certainly want to see it! Some people can give constructive criticism and some people can just criticize!

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    live2teach's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    Good Ole' West Virginia
    Some funny advice that an owner of a quilt shoppe gave me...haha was when your husband or significant other complains about the cost of the material and sewing items you buy tell them it is cheaper than marriage counseling.

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    Senior Member k_jupiter's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    Bay area CA
    Quote Originally Posted by Yvonne
    What is the best advice you have received to help make your quilting experience more joyous?
    Joyous? Are you crazy woman? Annoying, irritating, frustrating, bamboozling, boring, stuptifying. 'did I say irritaing?

    Quote Originally Posted by kathy
    and...... if anyone ever makes the perfect quilt, I certainly want to see it! Some people can give constructive criticism and some people can just criticize!
    Just wait Kathy. You see me posting it soon. Just hold yer breath waiting.

    Quote Originally Posted by triciasquilts
    The best advice I've ever gotten, was something I told myself.

    Quit your job that you hate, and do something for yourself that you love.

    Now I have a successful business doing what I want and I can work in my jammies!!!! Life is good.

    Also the perfection thing as you all have said. I think everything has to be perfect, but have found others don't even notice those little imperfections.
    Don't quit yer job you hate. Jobs pay the bills. Your art is what you make of it. Don't compromise it for a paycheck.

    I AM just kidding folks. I do love making things in fabric. And I am just almost perfect.

    But I am not kidding about jobs. It's 8 hours of your life, 5 days a week. Screw it. Make the best of the rest of your life.

    tim in san jose

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    gr8tchr4u's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    Vancouver, WA
    A few quotes -

    Don't be limited by past experience!

    Try a square and see if you can stand to make a quilt out of it! If not, use
    these 'singles' to make a wonderful quilt.

    Sew what you LOVE - and experiment with what you don't!

    Sewing is my sanity!

    If nobody else knows you made a mistake, then why point it out?????

    :P Lisa

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    Country Quilter's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    Lisa....ALL great advice! But I have to admit, I for one, don't always follow it! LOL Especially the last one! I am forever pointing out my mistakes to the recipients of my quilty things..... my husband has tried many times to tell me to just keep quiet ....but I can't! LOL (But then he's never been able to shut me up for any reason! ) LOL

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    Steve's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    Several pieces of advice came instantly to mind, but I think my favorite is "Don't work tired, relax and enjoy yourself." Another one that really helped: "If it were perfect, you'd just piss God off."

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    lin is offline
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    Jul 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by desertdebbe
    The best advice I got was this:
    There is no such thing as a perfect quilt. If you strive to make every aspect of it perfect you will be disappointed at one (or two) little spots. You may or may not be the only one to see them. Try to actually ENJOY the quilting process and remember it's not a race to get it done.
    Yes! Pretty much word for word. :) And thank maude it's not a race. It's not one I'd ever, ever win. I keep making tops........and then more tops...... :mrgreen:

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