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Old 06-24-2015, 02:05 PM
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Ironically, I just received a Babylock Ellageo today from ebay. It is identical to my Brother Pacesetter ULT's Disney machines One is 2002, the other is 2003, and this Babylock (I think) might be 2001? Anyway, only the opening screen is different. The installed designs are the same in all 3 machines (except the pacesetters also have Disney designs). In fact, I bought the machine without emb attachment, but immediately set it up with my Brother emb arm attached, and stitched out a design. Just to see if all worked, and to see how well the Ellageo performed. So this answers a lot of questions about the two brands being different or alike. I had always believed the Babylocks were a little upper end, but made by Brother. Hmmph..can't find any difference in mine, and I've already taken the covers off to give a good cleaning. Looks identical!
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Old 06-25-2015, 04:34 AM
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Now for sure I'm so sorry I returned a brother for a babylock a few yrs ago.....more$$$$ for nothing different!
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This has been an interesting and informative discussion. Thank you for posting this.
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I think there are both good machine. The real difference may be the help you get at the store you buy it from.
The store I go to has free classes for people to sew or embroidery as well as paid.
Free class to learn how use the machines, take care of, threads to use etc. They also set up 1 hour lasses per person for any trouble or understating you need to work your machine. (This s lifetime) I have had many, answers like the wrong thread for project, do this if to heavy a project a project, or just showing me how to make sure every tread is cleaned off bobbin and how a makes a big difference. bobbin case cleaning .etc. Just my thoughts.

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I should clarify my previous response that the Brother Trainer/Employee was speaking of the sewing, quilting, and embroidery machines only and that sergers were not made in the same facilities or in the same manner. BabyLock does have different specifications and patents on some of the individual serger features.

When we asked the reasoning behind the BabyLock's marketing strategies, she told us BabyLock has it's own marketing and sales departments, totally separate from the Brother, and she did not know what was behind their marketing strategies.
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Old 06-25-2015, 11:12 AM
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My Paff had a nervous breakdown and passed several years ago. After much research I bought the Brother Dream Machine a few months ago and I love it.
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Originally Posted by Cactus Stitchin View Post
About a year ago I attended a seminar taught by a Brother Trainer/Employee. This question came up during class and her answer was that Brother owns Babylock and the machines are built on the same line, using the same parts. What makes one Babylock vs Brother is the cover color they put on the machine and the colors and graphics used in the software loaded. Each brand includes different embroidery designs but the machines are identical. When asked if Babylock was the superior machine her response was "think about it - the name of the Company is Brother. Why would they manufacture another machine (Babylock) that was superior to the one that carries the Brother name? The answer is they wouldn't do that; it doesn't make good business sense!"
This is an untruth perpetuated by Brother, and it disturbs me to no end that it happens. Brother does NOT own Babylock. Brother is a Japanese multi-national company. Babylock is an American company that collaborates with Brother in the design of some of its machine, but whose quality control and standards are MUCH higher than the Brother's. We get parts from both Brother and Babylock at our shop. The Babylock's is made with high-end reinforced plastic and the inside molds are sanded down. The same can not be said of the Brother's. Hands down, i'd buy a Babylock over a Brother any day.
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Old 02-17-2016, 05:05 AM
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I have owned both for over 25 years. Over the last 50 years, I have owned every name brand machine. I have been extremely satisfied with both Brother and Baby Lock. As long as they continue with the quality of machines I have owned, used and have demo'd, I don't care where they are made and who has bragging rights.
There is only one name-brand machine on the market that I have not owned (to remain nameless). I am sure it is a great machine, millions love and swear by it, but it is not for me. Found it to be unsatisfactory and not up to my standards.
With that in mind, as long as YOUR machine meets YOUR standards and expectations, does it matter which factory makes it? As long as your Dealer stands behind the manufacturer, stands behind the warrenty, and has knowledgable educators and top-notch repair, does it matter where it is manufactured?
Sorry if I stepped on toes or offended anyone.
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This isn't uncommon. As mentioned, Toyota makes Lexus, the same is true with clothing. We had an infant clothing manufacturer in our town and Sears labels were put in the sleepers they made for Sears because Sears had their own set of specs for sizing (which was actually larger than industry standard sizing).
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Originally Posted by quiltinglady54 View Post
Does anyone know if Brothers and BabyLock are made by the same company? I have a BabyLock Quilter's Choice that is about 7 years old. Paid about $1000 for it and have had a lot of problems. In and out of repair shop. Decided I was going to get myself a "cheap" sewing machine and read some reviews from GoodHousekeeping that recommeded the Brothers that I just bought for $200. I set it up and if I didn't know better, I would swear it was my BabyLock. Just about all the same features, the exact same feet. Hope it has improved in 7 years!
No. They are two separate companies that share the same assembly plant for economies of scale.
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