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Difference between traditional, contemporary, modern, art quilting

Difference between traditional, contemporary, modern, art quilting

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Default Difference between traditional, contemporary, modern, art quilting

  1. If asked by a non quilter or newbie, how would you describe the differences between traditional, modern, contemporary and art quilting?
  2. Would you lump all of these styles into the heading of "fiber art". If not, why not ?
  3. Do you think major quilt shows have room for all of these different styles, or should they each have their own shows?
  4. do you think the same judges can fairly judge all of these styles? Please explain your answer.
  5. While most big shows require the entrant to provide info about the quilt such as maker, quilter (if different than maker), design source if not original, etc, the placards by the displayedquilt doesn't provide those details at some shows. Do you think that is fair to all who may have had a part in the overall success of the quilt?
Thank you for sharing your insights.
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I s there an extra credit question? ;-)
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1.I don't want to do an essay question
2.Quilts have 3 layers. Fiber art could apply to weaving, knitting, crochet.......etc.
3.Really depends on the venue and the population density of quilters solicited.
4.Depends on how large the show is. How much money there is available to hire judges.
5 It is great when all influences are listed for a given quilt but not always practical.

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I think including 'art quilt' in 'fiber art'
would be similar to saying
'a cat' is 'a mammal'

The questions are actually good - but not easily answered in a sentence or two.
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Nor if entering a show. I know.
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I will address #5, wherein you state that some shows don't display all the credits. I don't agree with the premise of that statement. I've been to major shows such as Houston and Paducah, and many, many smaller regional/local shows. Every single one of them did a great job of listing the maker, quilter, designer and/or inspiration. In fact, I can't remember ever attending a show that didn't list that info.

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I can only give my opinions but here is what I perceive the differences to be:

"Traditional" applies to the tried-and-true old patterns that have been done for decades, if not centuries.
"Contemporary" means updated for today. It can include the traditional patterns done in updated fabrics and settings.
"Modern" is a category of patterns and fabrics that departs from all the form and rules of traditional quilting. Anything goes.
"Art Quilting" is more about creating a work of art than a blanket. Art quilting is usually quite labor intensive and is quilted very densely, making a great item to hang in a gallery, but not so much to cover yourself with for warmth!

"Fiber Arts" is a very broad category that all these styles of quilting fall into, but so do so many other things-- any and everything created with fiber of any kind.

These are only my layman's understanding of these terms.

I can't really speak to the other things you asked, as I have never participated in any kind of quilt show.

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My layman's terms are quite unsophisticated - but I'll put them out there for someone to jump on!

Traditional quilting - in my mind - would/could also include the following -

The covers/blankets made from whatever one could get one's hands for the purpose of warmth. The quilts made by the women from Gee's Bend are an example of that. The workmanship could vary widely. They could be tied or held together with big stitches. The ones that were meant to be used and used hard. What we called 'utility quilts.;

It seems that even among quilters, that the lines between the categories are blurred.

sewbizgirl explained it the way I understand the terms.

There was a discussion on another thread about "utility quilting" - which some of us understood to be the process of making quilts for everyday use - but others declared that it was a type of "bigger stitching" to hold the layers together.

Slippage i(misunderstanding) in communication is a common thing.

I, too, was very (unpleasantly) surprised at some of the first responses on this thread.

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Congratulations Sally, on your Best of Show Win in 2009, with your Fishy Serenade.
Is there a 2013 show coming up, that you are preparing to enter?

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I was interested in this post because I have been looking to put a label on the type of quilts that I prefer to do. I really don't care what label they have, but I would sort of like to be able to say something when a traditional quilter asks what kind of quilting I do. All I really know is that most of my quilts are not traditional and not art.

So I found the definitions quite informative, and I am glad to know them.

I still don't have a name for exactly what I prefer, but that is okay. I just like nontraditional quilts ...that is probably good enough for me. I seem to prefer white in my quilts and less quilting on the front....that is what I tell folks right now, when they ask. And it is okay to not be labeled....I just thought for a minute I might be.


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