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Ever bought a new machine and then regretted it? >

Ever bought a new machine and then regretted it?

Ever bought a new machine and then regretted it?

Old 01-21-2020, 02:25 PM
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Default Ever bought a new machine and then regretted it?

Ever bought a new machine and then regretted it? Did you keep it? Trade it in? Sell it?
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the only regret i have is seeing one i like even better within a short time of buying a new one.

i call it "the grass is greener" syndrome. lol
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Yes, when I first started I bought a Janome 6500, I hated it! Set it on a shelf and bought a Juki F600 and I’ve been in love ever since! Do try before you buy if you can! I finally sold my Janome last year.
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I did buy a demo Tin Lizzie 18LS, love the machine, but my regret is also buying the aluminium frame. Am told steel tracks are much better. I later bought an extension to 10ft and the join gives me problems, also the encoders have been one big headache.
A Pfaff CV embroidery/sewing machine, also a demo @ a very good price, and it has a large hoop. There are so many features that aren't explained in the manual, & I find it difficult to fathom - not user friendly - & I just couldn't spend the time needed in town getting lessons. It would take me all day to figure something out, & forgotten how to a week later. So it's been serviced and packed away.
Sometime I feel like selling the lot - Downsizing is big on my mind these days - when the days get cooler.
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I bought a used Bernina 170 from my dealer to use as a travel machine. The machine was perfect, ran like a dream, but it was just so darn heavy! I regretted not buying a lighter machine. I sold the Bernina and bought a Brother Innov-is Laura Ashley special addition, also used, off of craigslist and I've been very happy with it!
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Yes. I bought a Janome DC1050 on what was then Massdrop for a few hundred, when what I really wanted was a machine that would have cost several thousand dollars, and taken several years (at the time) for me to save up. Sometimes it's worth it to wait and have the budget to get the machine you *really* want. I almost immediately had buyer's regret, because it was a compromise to begin with. I kept it because it was new and in working order and *just* better than the old one which had issues.

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I haven't but I don't buy the expensive machines like my sew group. They all have the new Bernina or the new Brother. Thousands of dollars for each Each one has regretted it because of the upkeep cost but like the machines . The service cost on them are over $200 just bringing them in for service. Upgrades are hundreds of dollars and the playbooks are $200. The ones over two years old are all having sensors go out and that means about a week in the shop here and a high bill. I could buy any machine I want but have no desire to put that much money in a sewing machine.
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I bought the BL Destiny because I wanted to quilt with the embroidery machine. The salesperson said it will digitize coloring pages, etc. It did not do what I needed telling me the pics were 'too complicated' to digitize. And it did not embroider/sew as nicely as my old Brother does. I had to fight for the return, but they finally took it back. And I don't regret it a bit.
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I gave up a vintage mechanical machine for a brand new machine my mother picked out and bought for me as a gift. The vintage machine's speed control was broken, the tension was finicky, the feed dogs wouldn't drop, and it only had about 8 stitches, but it was what I learned how to sew on and I knew how to make it work for me. It was a work horse and solid, I just never found anyone who would work on it for me. I regretted giving it up immediately when I handed it to the dealer as a trade in.

My new machine is nothing fancy, but I am getting much better results in piecing and quilting. Unfortunately it is not going to last nearly as long as my older machine, but I will use it until I burn it out or outgrow it. It is a good middle ground for me to adjust to some of the features of a newer machine without spending money on things I won't ever use.

I do still check out deals and keep an eye on what is out there as far as technology, but I don't covet other people's fancy purchases. I'd be too worried about breaking some of the expensive machines to enjoy sewing with them!
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No I haven't bought a machine I didn't like.

Two straight stitch only machines are the best for me.
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