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Old 03-13-2007, 10:11 PM
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My husband is in the Army and we are currently overseas and fabric is very hard to find. I have been looking online but jut cannot afford the 6-12 dollar a yard fabric. Does anybody know of somplaces i could go to?

thanks vc
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Old 03-14-2007, 01:17 AM
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hancock fabric charges a lot for shipping but they are one of the few places that ship to APO/FPO. they usually have a pretty good selection at excellent Clearance prices. you should save enough to get a decent price per yard even at their shipping rates. their fabrics feel thinner and softer than i'm used to but is suspect that just means they aren't as loaded with stiffeners, etc, at the factory. the overall feel is one of good quality. the thinner, softer texture also means it'll be easy to either hand quilt or to do by machine, so it's a tradeoff i can live with. this link goes to their shipping page so you'll get an idea.


this site has some decent prices compared to most others. they can ship through the post office so will probably ship to you. email them first.


i found this site recently. their per yard selection is a bit limited and averages about $6 per yard. But they have outstanding prices on fat quarters and cheater panels. the lowest i've seen anywhere. i got my first order from them the other day. i haven't washed any of it, but it seems to be very good quality especially considering the price. today, for example, they have a King Size piece with a pre-printed double-wedding ring for only $21.99! something like that would make an awesome backing. you'd have a reversible quilt for the effort of piecing only one! since they don't state that they don't ship to APO/FPO, i assume they will.


check under the Forum Index "Links and Resources" to see if there's anything else of interest to you.

We've heard from others stationed overseas who have the same problems finding decent fabric they can afford. Talk to your local AAFES manager. Maybe they'll consider setting something up for the fabric buyers over there. (If there's a penny to be pried from your pocket, they'll usually find a way to sell what you need. LOL)

By coincidence, I work at Army Community Service on Fort Stewart, in Georgia. Please let me know if there's any other way I can help you out.

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Old 03-14-2007, 03:30 AM
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Thank you so much for the information. I really do appreciate it.
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I too have been an Army wife living in Germany('81-84 & '93-95). Where are you stationed? Do you ever go to the German stores? My first time there I was totally lost as to how to find or do anything. I was determined to "make lemonade out of the lemons" I had been dealt. I contacted ACS and ITR for any newcomer tours of the area, talked w/ other wives (esp. those who spoke German) and asked if they would mind showing me around or how they learned their way around. I can speak VERY broken German and usually the natives would take pity on me and speak English(as they learn English in school)
You might also check thrift shops for good, clean clothes (i.e. shirts,skirts have alot of yardage for sm. amt. of $)

Do you have family/friends back here that can help you out by sending you "Quilting CARE packages"? What about a quilting supply store where you've lived before? Maybe they would send you small samples (2"X2") of their new shipments, then you could place an order by e-mail.

Here are a couple web sites that might be of some help,too.
www.keepsakequilting.com and www.connectingthreads.com

A quilting friend of mine suggested you might Google in something like this "Where are the nearest fabric shops around__________?" (your German town's name,i.e. Nuernberg,Germany) and see what info it gives you.

Last but certainly not least, have you asked other women/spouses who quilt, where they get supplies? Or do they know of others who might be interested in learning to quilt? You could start a small quilting group (there are always places available (i.e. ACS) that are interested in getting the spouses involved.

If you are near an Army medical facility, they might benefit from some simple lap quilts that the group could make.

I know you asked a simple question and I've gotten carried away with an answer but... My husband spent 24 yrs in the Army and now both of our sons (23 & 24 yrs. old) are active duty Army so I have a VERY special connection w/ the military.

If you would like to "talk" more or if I can be of any further help ,please PM me anytime. I hope I haven't overwhelmed you w/ info.

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Old 03-14-2007, 08:02 PM
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thank you for the info. YEahi have my mom getting me some matterial right now. We are in Vilseck . it is a little town. I have done the Google thing ... and there were 5 plases within 30 minutes of me ...3 are closed .and the others have mostly sheer material ...and its all expensve .......like 15 euro a meter. ..I just can't afford that. But eventually i am going to get to Nurnburg, i have heard there are soem shops there but it an hour away. That why i sent out the help. I love the sights people have sent me. I have been like a kid in a candy store going through them. I really appreciate everybody's input. It really has helped me out. Not alot of pple here quilt it seems. At least not where i am at. But i keep plugging away.

again thanks for allthe help and info it really is appreciated.

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