I received a lovely note from a member, thank you so much.. and I am at the point of "almost" being able to enjoy more interaction again. I caught site of the very interest thread on the Stack and Hack and I, also, applaude those beautiful choice of colors with her first. Can't believe it, but having next to none in the way of quilting experience my friend invited me to join her for a special class that was being offered. And it was the stack and whack (honest.. hack really was the better word). I never thought I could EVER do it. My choice of fabrics were a bit to tame for everyone else, but I was happy. And with a few minor problems I did it. So if anyone would want to attempt to attempt, go for it. You may not want to tackle it again, but if you have several friends and you all work together on your own projects, the time you spend is so wonderful.
I do hope to become a little more active and to the several notes I did receive.. thanks. And I can now former change my "name"