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Thread: Finishing the thread

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    Nov 2006
    My problem is when finishing the thread, does anyone know what is the best way to tie it off, and have it be secure. I have tried many things,just not happy with any of them.

    Thank you, Kathi

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    when i'm being super-fussy, i pull both threads to the back, tie tiny, tight knots, thread the strands through a needle and "bury" them in the batting. when i get it right, the knot pulls through to the underside of the backing fabric so it doesn't show, either.

    it's very time consuming but i also dislike the results of all the usual methods. i do use the shortcuts most of the time, but this gives the results i like best.

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    I am not sure what you are asking. Are you tieing the quilt instead of quilting and you are wondering about the thread ends? Their length, on top of quilt, or on the back? If hand quilting, are you asking about burying your knot and thread at the end of a quilting thread? Are you asking about backstitching at the beginning and/or ending when machine piecing? If machine quilting, are you asking about your threads when starting and ending?

    Like I said, I am not sure what you are asking. If you will, try to reword your question and there will be a lot more answers/suggestions.


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    If you are machine quilting, taking tiny stitches at the end and pulling threads to back and burying them is the best way. There is a french needle that is self threading that works well for this.
    In hand quilting, knot the thread close to the fabric and insert needle into the batting, being careful not to come out the front. Let the needle travel a bit thru the batting and pull the knot into the fabric.

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    If you are hand quilting, this is the way I do it. At the beginning of your thread, make a small knot. Stick the needle between the top and bottom layers, about an inch from where you want to start stitching, and pull the knot through the top fabric, without pulling it completely out. Do a small backstitch, quilt to the other end of the thread. When you have about 4" of thread left, do a small backstitch, run your needle between the layers along your stitching about an inch. Then run your needle through the layers back to where you stopped stitching and ON THE OTHER SIDE OF YOUR STITCHING. Come to the top and cut your thread.
    This is very strong, and I have never had a know pull out. I love to hand quilt. I hope you find it enjoyable, as well.

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