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Default Gees Bend Quilt

I recently bought a Gees Bend Quilt kit and have been washing the fabric as the directions say. They say to use either Retayne or Synthropol. I have both and have been using Synthropol. So far I have been washing the first color--red--and still have color coming out after 4 washings. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have several colors left to treat and at this rate I will never get them done, especially if I break my washing machine!! lol The fabric has retained it's color by the way. Thanks in advance for your help.
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I would recommend switching to Retayne in order to set the dye. I have had only one instance where Retayne failed to set the dye and stop the bleeding.
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Old 05-04-2012, 06:36 AM
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How to set dyes, written by a quilter who dyes her own fabrics:



"Briefly, my process involves soaking the fabrics overnight in hot water with Synthrapol (or other detergent) instead of repeated wash and rinse cycles. My experience tells me that the long exposure to water is better at leaching out all of the excess dyes than repreated washign and rinsing."
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I would go for the Retyane ... it is effective in setting dyes. Just remember 140 degree water is required , and any washings after must be in cold water. As a rule of thumb Retyane before you cut and sew . Sythropol for once a fabric has been cut and sewn.
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I have heard this about this fabric....try the retayne..
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This is an extremely short answer, but it may help.
Synthapol is for pre-washing undyed fabric before dyeing and for washing dyed fabrics after dyeing. Retayne is a post dye treatment for fabric, especially after it's been painted with dyes.
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Thanks for all your help. The blogs by Vicki Welsh were especially helpful. I continued with the Synthapol and even put a few like colors together. The color catchers were saturated, but the scraps of white fabric had no dye on them. The red included. I don't think I am going to sew the quilt right now--too many UFO's. But I am confident that the colors are now set. I think I will use a couple of color catchers in the final wash when the quilt is finished. I may even use Retayne in the final wash. I'll have to think about that since it needs cold water after treatment. Thanks again.
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