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No matter how hard I try I can't seem to line up my seams when hand piecing my squares. I'm getting really discouraged with this. I was using pins through the seams but it didn't seem to matter, any tips for hand piecing?
Think I can help with this. You probably are moving/shifting the fabric when you piece and not realizing it. Watch the fingers/hand that holds the fabric. Are you gripping the patches or holding them between forefinger and thumb. I bet you may have a death grip on the two patches. Hold it lightly. And apply direct finger pressure--in other words, don't scoot your fingers in opposite directions. Doing this will cause the fabric to shift. Next, when you sew from one patch to another, have the seam allowance up and out of the way, do NOT sew the seam allowances down. Instead, run the needle through the fabric from one patch to the next one at the seam line level (the seam allowances are left loose). Hope this helps. SandyQuilter (not sandyquilts)
Oh, you don't need glue to piece--ever.