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Thread: Handquilting sewing machine??

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    Handquilting sewing machine??

    There was someone on youtube that had a sewing machine that is suppose to do stitched that look just like handquilting. I didn't watch but a minute of the video. I'm not sure if I like the idea of a machine doing that. I think handquiltiing is a true art. LIke I have said before, I think the flaws in a quilt give it more personality.

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    My Pfaff 4200 Quilt Expression, stitch no. 11 with cotton thread in the bobbin, and nylon thread on the top, imitates hand quilting.
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    yes, actually most of the newer embroidery machines have a stitch that imitates handquilting...my pfaff 1475 is over 10 years old now and it has a nice one...

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    You are probably thinking of the Saschiko machines. They only imitate hand quilting on the top- the bottom is a chain stitch.

    You are of course entitlted to your opinion, but I think it is silly to not want a machine to do something because you think it should be only done by hand. Others may not enjoy handwork, but like the look. It is such a specialized machine, I can't imagine many people will buy it- and it doesn't exactly mimic the look of handquilting, so your art is safe.

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    I agree hand quilting is a true art - one that I have no patience for! I wish I did because to me those quilts are amazing. It seems to me that over the past years quilting has evolved into something that perfection is the ideal, with the use of accuquilts and such to make sure each piece is perfect, then using a computer to machine quilt. They are absolutely beautiful when finished and I am in awe as I walk through a quilt show. I use a Bailey to machine quilt but mine are VERY far from perfect and they definitely look like they were made by a non-pro, but I love them anyway. I know I can never achieve that perfect quilt but I am having fun anyway! I really do wish I liked handwork because to me none of the machine quilted quilts are near as special as those done by hand.

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    Handquilting is an art and I love the look, but a quilt at its most elemental is a way of arranging fabric and batting in layers to make a pleasing whole to wrap someone in warmth. There are so many different levels of art in a simple throw quilt that even if you use a machine to complete the stitching that holds everything together, it is still a wonderful, beautiful hug for the person that uses it.
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    My Bernina has a stitch that looks like hand quilting. I bought it when my DD was a rising hs senior. She graduated in 2000. You use regular thread on the bottom, and invisible thread on the top. Its a 150

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    If you search Sashiko Babylock here using the search feature you'll see many threads on it. It does a handquilting stitch and the back is a rather unattractive chain stitch...not for me!

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    I remember seeing the video of such a machine demontrated by Nancy Zieman. Perhaps you could Google handquilting machine?

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