designer? I can't seem to stop at a few fat quarters or even 30 fat quarters from a fabric collection or designer that I really like. I have at least 6 to maybe 9 quilts or more (I usually make large lap to twin size) worth of fabric from the following:

Summer Breeze (I, II and just purchased a bunch from III)
3 Sisters
French General--Massive collection of this from the past 3 years of most FG collections
Deb Strain Valentines collections
Hand dyed fabrics in every color and shade you can imagine!!!

So, my dilemma is that once I get the fabrics pulled out and ready (washed, starched and pressed), I will need to work with them for a long time before the fabric is at least even half used.

I want to make this quilt

I think this must be the actual quilt made for the cover photo:

I have all the French general fabrics to make it exactly as the pattern cover shows. But I also think this would look really pretty with the Summer Breeze fabrics or my 3 Sisters collections. Either way, I will have a ton of fabric out and taking up space while I work with it. Of course, I have so many different ideas on how to use these fabric collections so I won't have to search for ideas, just narrow them down!!

What would be your vote?

Have you made a heartfire? I would love to see it.