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Old 04-06-2021, 08:46 AM
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Originally Posted by janiebakes View Post
In February I bought a set of heat erasable gel pens in four colors ( red, black, blue, white) from madamsew on Amazon. I have used them on a number of projects and have had no problems with reappearing lines. The white ink goes on clear and becomes white in a few minutes. The point of the pens is 0.7mm and they draw 0.35mm wide lines. They have a deal to get refills for your pens for just the cost of shipping. They are North Carolina based I found out later. Look them up at madamsew.com. They have a quirky assortment of sewing goods from led lights to wool pressing mats.

Peckish, can you tell me about that chalk you have to swipe over stencils? I have a project that could be useful for. TIA Janie
I bought the same pens and have had no problems with them at all. I would buy again and have purchased refills already.
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I use bar soap cut into pieces of slivers for dark fabric marking. For light color fabric I use Crayola Ultra Washable markers. The fine tip fits into stencil slots.
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Originally Posted by Peckish View Post
This is what I've been using. https://www.urbanelementz.com/other-...swipe-set.html

Contrary to what people say about the Pounce brand, I found that I did not have to bang this Miracle Chalk very hard several times to get the chalk to come through the applicator, and it doesn't wipe away or fade after I've stenciled it on.
Thank you for the information and for including a link Peckish. I have a sashiko stencil that I want to use on a linen jacket.
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Originally Posted by Onebyone View Post
I use Pounce iron off chalk powder with stencils. Please watch a video of how to use the Pounce. So many get it wrong. It's not what you think. I have picked up several brand new packages of the Pounce and chalk powder from our guild's free table because the user said it didn't work. I saved them all with the names of the people who put them there. I gave a demo at the end of the year how to use it and get it started. Then I gave each person their Pounce back after they were aghast at having given it away. LOL The guild members said it was the best demo surprises ever.
Thank you for this information Onebyone. I did watch several videos and got lots of different opinions but the general idea seems to be to swipe and not to pounce despite the brand name. Hope I got that right.
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Old 04-12-2021, 05:31 AM
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I have found the Crayola Washable markers to be my 'go to". They are inexpensive and I have had no trouble with them washing out. Of course, do a test to make sure they wash out of your fabric.
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I started using Pounce several years ago and love it for certain applications -- especially the white on dark fabrics (I have all colors). I think it is best used with the correct type of stencil, I usually go to:

The stencils are really nice to work with and durable, better than the plastic ones that always seem to get warped. I've done what I consider very intricate designs like:
Think that was it, pretty sure it was in a 6" border and not the smaller size. I did the quilting on my friend's longarm, it was a series of three wall hangings with an appliqued 3-witch center for herself and two childhood friends (witches were dressed and had hair and eye colors to match their real life equivalents). Each was roughly 40x60" or smaller. The stencils held up well with repeated use/storage cycles, and the white showed up well against the predominantly dark borders.

edit: It's been a few years... they started as wall hangings and grew to throw size with borders. Think they were generally more like 50x72, anyway -- quite a few repeats!

I've made my own and used more traditional stencils with the Pounce pad as well. Once you've got it down, it's great. But yes, sometimes we find them unwanted...

I have not tried the marking pencil but I plan to add one to my cart next time I get stencil(s).

The Urban Elementz site is also highly recommended by me and I would have a high degree of confidence in anything they recommend. Since I really have no sense of design for the quilting, I've been going to that site for pantographs for years!

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