I am looking for someone in southeast Wisconsin who still owns and uses the Little Gracie II and the upgraded carriage. I just purchased a used frame with the original carriage, I have had it about 3 weeks and I am ready to get rid of it already. My husband is very talented mechanically and he has done all he can to square and level everything, clean and lubricate the wheels, we replaced the plastic tracks with cold rolled steel rods although the plastic was in great shape and the rods did not improve anything.

I was going to purchase the upgraded carriage but before I got the order placed everyone sold out(including the Grace Co) except Kathy Quilts and their price is more than I am willing to pay without a guarantee that it will be 100% better.

I was wondering if there is someone near enough and willing to let me come over and get a feel for what the carriage upgrade feels like. From what I am able to see in pictures it does not appear that the wheels and track are any different from what I have.