Hi everyone,

I was recently asked if I would be interested in making a quilt for a good friend. She lost her favorite uncle, and wanted a quilt made from his ties. She picked this pattern as something she liked: http://quiltedwithtlc.com/images/gal...s/necktie5.jpg

After meeting with her, we decide to change it a bit. She loved the center Dresden pattern with the sashing between, but I though it would be neat to instead do four 1/4 Dresdens in the area where the flying geese & squares are (the triangle area), adding the triangle shape in the corners.

She gave me enough ties to do this, but here's my dilemma. she wants to incorporate blue & pale yellow as her background (blue for the darker sashing, and yellow background), and I will probably add some borders to frame it, but I have no clue how much fabric to buy. The center medallion is about 20" (although it's set on point), so each 1/4 block is around 10". I have the OK to just do what I think is nice, so I'm excited about the freedom to be creative. I figure the focus is on the center, so I will probably keep the borders simple.

How much blue & yellow fabric should I buy? Her finished size will be around a twin size. I figure I'd worry about the backing once the top is pieced.

Thanks in advance for the help,

Trina the "Happy Treadler"