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Hooks for hanging rulers

Hooks for hanging rulers

Old 12-15-2020, 01:58 PM
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Default Hooks for hanging rulers

I have been hanging my (few) cutting rulers because I don't have enough surface space to use a rack. I love the functionality of the 3M Command hooks I've been using (see pic) - great size, can hold 2 rulers, etc. - with the exception of when they fall off the wall. I'd really love to use nail-in hooks, but I'm struggling to find any with as good a shape and length as the ones I've been using. I kind of need separate hooks, too, as I have more vertical space on this wall than horizontal, so I can't use a bar with hooks lined up along it, if that makes sense.
Aside from just driving nails into the wall, do you have any good leads on nail-in hooks that work for rulers? If you hang your rulers, what do you use?
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Old 12-15-2020, 02:46 PM
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I use a peg board to hang mine. If youíre worried about aesthetics, you could paint it a desired color and just hang a narrow strip of the pegboard. Another option might be to use a coat rack that has the right size hooks.
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For my large rulers I use the Command hooks too. For the smaller, speciality rulers, I put them in sheet protectors and file them in a large three ring notebook along with instructions on how to use them. I usually file anything smaller than an 8" ruler in the notebook. My long rulers are usually left on my cutting table.
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I put two pieces of door stop horizontally about 30" apart.
Then put some nails in each one...spaced to fit my rulers.
I can store lots of rulers that way.
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Old 12-16-2020, 02:53 AM
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Iíve had these Command hooks on the side of one of my cabinets for about 3 years now without any of them falling off. Just make sure you wipe down the area well with soap/water or alcohol before attaching, then wait a day before hanging them so they can adhere well.
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I have peg board but your 3M hooks look nice too.
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Picture hanging nails are really a good option. They have a little circle of metal the stops the nail from continuing into the wall. There is all sizes available. Kinda hard to describe, but that is what I use for hanging things I don't want to come down.
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My sewing room is an extra bedroom so I have a closet with rod and I have belt rings that I attach my rulers on.
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I use old sewing machine needles for a lot of my hanging needs. They are very strong and easy to put in sheetrock.
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You could pound picture hanging nails or decorative brads vertically into a yardstick and then hang that from your command hook.
Those command hooks seem to 'stick' better if the surface they are hung on is smooth. Maybe try hanging from a door or the side of a bookcase or some other smoother surface?
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