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How did you build your stash?? >

How did you build your stash??

How did you build your stash??

Old 01-19-2009, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Barbm
I, too, am a fabriholic, it is terminal, there is no known cure but not life threatening.
It could be life threatening if one of Patrice's drawer columns falls on you! :lol:

I have a pitiful stash myself. I'm working on it. Some times I buy for a project, adding a 1/2 yrd or so to each fabric for leftovers. And some times I buy because its a great deal. A yard seems to be my 'normal' amount unless theres only a few yards left on the bolt. Then I just take all of it. Can't bear to see a lonely yard!
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I started stashing when fabric stores went out of business. I most often look at sale fabric.
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Old 01-19-2009, 11:14 AM
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I started quilting a little over a year ago. I had no stash at all. Bought for a couple of projects. Then on freecycle a couple of people was giving away quite a bit of yardage and I took that. Hit a couple of yard sales and got carried away because of the prices. And finally two quilt AUCTION

Now there was my down fall.

I am sorting and stacking about 3 thousands yards at the present time. Have a web site about to open for quilting. A low cost type for the everyday people lol.

Hubby just shakes his head. rofl like that will help. He is building me build in shelfs and such as I have taken over the upstairs which is one huge dormer type room.

HMMMM not hard to collect at all.

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Old 01-19-2009, 11:51 AM
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I started my stash when I opened a quilt shop. LOL However I am now retired and still continue to add to my stash. DH had a carpenter come in and put cupboards in the laundry room for my stash. He got tired of seeing boxes all over the house filled with fabric. Well, I have out grown my laundry room and once again have plastic containers here and ther around the house. Like the others have said, I buy more than I need for a project, and also buy because I like it. There is no cure for this. Marge
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Okay ladies... My stash is small, but we (my stash and I) muddle through.

Here's what I can't stand. I buy two yards... I share it with a friend... Now I have one yard for the stash... Great right? Nope, because no matter how much I started with a yard, a fat quarter, you name it I'm always "this much" short. You want to know why? Because I always find out that I LOVE IT, and oh how I wish I'd been smart like Patrice and bought all they had on the bolt! :roll: :roll:

So I suppose I am a fabriholic wanta be? I'm like the drunk staring at the bottle trying to restrain myself, but everything I create has me crying out for more! :shock:
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I buy by the bolt. Whatever I find that I like I just go ahead and get the entire bolt becuase I find that later, I wish that I had this or that fabric to mince in a new project.

I am up to a little over 2000 yards now on bolts and in cuts. I also buy squares. I love making things with them.
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Old 01-19-2009, 07:52 PM
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You'll be amazed at the amount of fabric that piles up over time. I started out buying like others mentioned...because I crafted, decorated, putzed around with lots of little projects going nowhere until I found quilting. I was lucky enough to inherit fabric from a few quilters who gave up their hobby due to health issues. That plus a few years of buying stuff just because I liked it makes for a nice little stash. By they time I hit retirement, there will be no need to go out for fabric (not that it will stop me from buying it, of course!!).
You'll get there. :D
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Old 01-19-2009, 08:29 PM
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Hi Quilting G--great question with some very interesting answers. I have enjoyed reading about everyone's stash.

I am a fabriholic too, but not to the extent that some of you are!!! My stash has grown several ways-----

1-I discover a specific fabric type that I like (ex-Civil War or 30s reproductions or Kansas Troubles Quilters) and then I start to amass a collection of it. If I want it for scrappy quilts then I usually buy just fat quarters or 1/2 yard pieces so I can get a lot of different ones. I will buy yardage of ones that I just LOVE so that I have border fabric when the time comes.

2-I worked in a quilt shop for about 6 months and my stash really grew (I owed the owner money after I spent my whole paycheck every month---does the saying "will work for fabric" ring a bell?

3-I had a friend whose Army husband was stationed in Korea. She used to go to the fabric market and buy fabric for a song. She was getting Moda for around $1.50/yard!!! She had to buy a minimum of 2 yards and since her stash was getting so huge she decided to share with me! So, when she bought two yards she would cut it in half and send me a yard. She sent me over 60 yards of fabric that year---for under $100! It was a great way to build my stash.

Now I just buy what yells to me in the store. Sometimes I just cannot make up my mind and so I end up buying nothing!!! I am starting to feel guilty because I know I will never live long enough to use up everything that is already in my stash!! But, my LQS is having a fat quarter sale, so I am going shopping again tomorrow!!! I guess I will never learn!!
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Oh darling patricej ..... will you come over and organize my stash like that? That looks like a dream come true!
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Old 01-20-2009, 06:07 AM
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PATRICE!!! WOW! Can I play at your house please?

As you see from this pic, my pitiful stash does not even fill three of the drawers you see under the sewing table. :cry: What I have collected so far is leftovers from three baby quilts, and the occasional bargain off ebay. Fabric is EXPENSIVE over here, I get jealous when I see you all post pics of your purchases and see how much you are paying. Also I don't live near any fabric shops (probably a good thing). And of course I got some fabric from my generous secret santa!

Pitifully small stash in drawers under the table. Donations welcome!
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