I had no idea batiks came in the 108" width...I'm pretty sure my LQS doesn't carry it...yet.

When I first started quilting, I was always drawn to the batiks. I loved...and still do...the range of color and texture. Over the past few years, though, I've gotten out of my 'comfort zone' and am trying other colors/textures and am having a great time.

As for mixing batiks and non-batiks, my sister has a knockout quilt given to her as a gift for her 50th birthday (given by fellow quilters, I might add) and it has some beautiful mixtures of both types of fabric. It's a Square In A Square Pattern set on point and my goal is to try one some day.

As far as choosing batiks...I go with what 'speaks' to me and if I have a certain project in mind...Right now if I were shopping for batiks, I'd gravitate toward the loviest autumn shades I could find.