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How do you store your "works in progress"? >

How do you store your "works in progress"?

How do you store your "works in progress"?

Old 04-24-2021, 06:51 AM
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I have the plastic storage boxes that I get at Michael's or JoAnn's and put the WIP items in this box. I usually have a few blocks that I have started along with the fabrics and patterns in there. Then it is all together when I decide to pull out a UFO.
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Old 04-24-2021, 07:17 AM
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Gosh, I never know what I am thinking when something becomes a WIP or UFO. With the exception of one quilt many only see the light of day when I pull them for charity quilts. Those that I am still trying to figure out that have just hit a minor "snag" but still WIP are stacked on a chair in the back bedroom. They are waiting my attention. Those that are only tops and needed to be quilted are sitting right next to me as I figure out just what I am going to do. I have more than a dozen COVID quilts to baste and quilt and a couple I want to send out to be LA.
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Old 04-24-2021, 07:41 AM
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Originally Posted by bearisgray View Post
Some of the things I have learned to do when I put a "work in progress" (or abandoned) -

Write down what sewing machine I was using, which presser foot I was using, and the needle position I was using.
(I try for 1/4 inch seam allowances - but - - - _

Include the pattern - or at least the name of the book and page number and name of the pattern.

Maybe some indications of "what was I thinking" at the time.

How about you?
This is great advice!
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Originally Posted by jmoore View Post
Good tips Bear...I donít usually have more than 2 WIPs however, I am currently following two BOM so I store the blocks in separate 13x13 craft boxes I purchased from Michaels.
Samezies. Also keeps me from accidentally using fabrics earmarked for other projects.
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Old 04-24-2021, 03:07 PM
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Actually, I never thought to write down needle position, that's a good one to remember.

I have a quilting organizer that I use religiously and I started a bullet journal not too long ago. Both have extensive lists of everything I'm working on, but, when I'm storing a WIP that I stopped because of an issue, what I do is write down what happened, tension issues, piecing issues, suddenly lost my sewjo, having problems with my quarter-inch, ran out of this particular fabric, etc. My problem has always been that I forget what happened to cause me to abandon it in the first place. If I write down what went wrong and I decide later to visit it, I'm not spending an afternoon and two pots of coffee trying to remember. I've got my notes to tell me and it's usually something that is now so small because I've grown further into my quilting skills that I can go 'okay, I know how to fix that', I'm usually back on track in less than a day and I break out the seam ripper or get online to shop for fabric. It's helped keep my UFO stash down to a working few and my stress down to the barest of minimums. I'm out of the extra large zip-loc bags, though, so have to be careful I don't run into another problem until I get more, lol.
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Old 04-25-2021, 04:43 AM
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I store completed, basted tops on largish hangers which I put foam pipe insulation over the center to prevent creases in the quilt. I cover the pipe insulation with strips of fabric .
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Because I like to work on multiple projects at once, I only store UFOs (things that I have stopped working on for whatever reason) and those get put in clear plastic project boxes made for storing scrapbook paper. I also include any fabric, thread, etc. needed to finish them and sometimes a note about why they are a UFO. They do get finished one way or another- but they might be in Area51 for years before that happens.

As for WIPs- I currently have five. Three are stashed on my design wall, one is on the Sweet Sixteen and another is on the PC420.


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I have some of the zip bags that blankets come in. They work great for lots of things. I have several kits i made up stored in them. The only thing i wish was different is the zipper location for ongoing projects like blocks of the week/month. I looked at plastic project boxes but i prefer smooshable storage. So, I found these:


They are perfect for me and large enough to store lots of fabric along with storing blocks flat but smooshable for those projects that don't fill them up.. Although they are mostly fabric, the clear window is great for viewing and, the best part, they are cheap! Lol.
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Rob, "Area 51" . Rofl. I spewed coffee when i read that. Hahaha
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I basically use the same method as Onebyone. I try to keep everthing together. i just wish I did'nt have so many projects going at once
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