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I have a guilty quilt problem. . . >

I have a guilty quilt problem. . .

I have a guilty quilt problem. . .

Old 11-09-2007, 01:12 AM
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I cannot believe I'm finally 'fessing up.

A while back when I did a year and a half volunteer stint for my church, there was a gentleman well into his retirement years who took it upon himself to show his appreciation for the few female volunteers, "Sister missionaries", by making a quilt for each one. Since at any one time there was probably twelve, this wasn't too much of a burden. He also did some other things for us which to list would make this message way too long.

You could tell he really suffered from, at least, arthritis. He made a double/queen quilt by sewing material lengths together for the front and back, (the back was flannel), and tied it together.

He was pretty well-known not just in his small town, but in that part of the state, as he was a volunteer to hike with the young women and their advisers up to a local landmark. He was a biology teacher and kept them entertained with stories and knowlege about plants.

One time there was a storm that came through and there were some that were unable to hear him tell them not to get under trees. Lightining struck and he was able to save a few lives with his knowlege of CPR. There were a few who did not make it. (I'm pretty sure I'm getting this right.) There's other great stories about him too, but I'm telling you this to let you know what a remarkable person he was. I used the quilt the whole time I was out, then had to put it away when I went to a very warm climate for the rest of my higher education.

Now the guilty part... and this was discussed in the "People don't get quilts" topic. I have been 'afraid' to use this quilt since then. If you've looked at the topic with photos of our pets, you may have noticed I have Dobermans. They have very short hair that pokes itself into the material and makes it hard to get out. They also often have long nails since they get REALLY grumpy when we try to clip them, (even if we give them a treat after each clip!), and after a hard play or even a stroll out for potty business, their paws can bring in a lot of dirt.

This quilt is too precious to be ruined like that, and I really need the girls at night. So now it sits in my linen closet. :oops: :oops: :cry:
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Old 11-09-2007, 02:16 AM
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can you hang it near your sewing machine as a reminder of what quilts are really about? :P
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Old 11-09-2007, 03:57 AM
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So what your saying is that you don't use the quilt, because you don't want it to get damage by the dogs? If it was me I would be glad you did. My son has a girl friend with cats. He takes the quilt that I made him off the bed when she brings her cats over, so that they don't damage the quilt. There will be a time maybe later that you will be able to take the quilt out. Could you put it on a quilt stand, or are your dogs like mine and rub against everything. Cut yourself some slack. Just make shore you refold it once in a while to it doesn't get damaged.
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Old 11-09-2007, 04:16 AM
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What a sweet story and a great man! I too, have my great grandmother's quilts held hostage, so don't feel bad. I like the displaying idea and thanks for reminding me to refold!
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Old 11-09-2007, 06:42 AM
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What a wonderful story.....you have been so fortunate in your life, haven't you? I would hang the quilt, if I were you. You'll so think of all the wonderful things about the gentleman and the trip with all the others you were on.

Blessings, friend!
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Old 11-09-2007, 07:09 AM
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possibly there is some way to display it--over a chair or a quilt stand or maybe hanging? Not necessarily in use, but out to be admired and appreciated by others?
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Old 11-09-2007, 07:29 PM
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Thank you everyone for your thoughts and encouragement.

I think hanging may be the only option, but even then I worry because despite our best efforts we seem riddled with spiders and things get dusty SO FAST! :( :oops: :roll:
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Old 11-09-2007, 08:29 PM
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I have an Alpaca wool blanket I purchased in 1979 mail order when I was stationed in Germany... It was cold there. It's gorgeous.

We have cats and dogs. That blanket never comes out in the main house. I use it in my studio because there ain't no kritters allowed back there.

You can protect the things you value. That's not dissing the giver of the gift, it's respect for something worth keeping. Someday you might have a nice vacation home in the Sierras or someplace. You'll be glad you saved it.

tim in san jose
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Old 11-10-2007, 08:21 PM
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Thanks Tim!
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Old 11-10-2007, 11:41 PM
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Celeste, how about knitting or quilting some up some Doberman booties? :D
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