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I have some questions for experienced quilters

I have some questions for experienced quilters

Old 09-04-2010, 04:22 PM
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1) I see that Quilter's Complete Guide by Fons & Porter is recommended; the 1993 edition or the 2000? or either?

2) Has anyone pre-washed pre-cut fabrics in a jelly-roll? It seems like they would fray more...

3) When measuring, do you cover the line to the right or left? Or does it not matter as long as one is consistent throughout the quilt.

4) The pattern I am using instructs me to press seams open...I thought all were pressed to one side. What do others so?
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Old 09-04-2010, 04:28 PM
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1. I assume it wouldn't matter. I would probably get the newest one because it would have the revisions in it.
2. There was a long discussion on this. Most people do not wash jelly rolls, some put them inside a bag like a lingere bag and washed them. I don't wash mine.
3. There was also a discussion on this. When I measure I put the line on top of the edge of fabric. I try not to go left or right.
4. There are also discussions on this. Many people now press seams open, I still press to one side unless it has a lot of seams like a Stack n Whack or a Mariner's Compass.
Have a great day! If you put what you looking for in search you will find many posts on the subjects.
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Old 09-04-2010, 04:33 PM
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1. The newer if available. Personally I've never read either but if I had to chose one to read I'd always go with the newer.

2. I don't wash them.

3. Consistancy. Don't over-think the process or you'll take all the fun out of it. Try different things, if you don't know if it can be done a certain way, try it and see.

4. Personally I press to the side. Some things say to press open to make them lay flatter. Some quilters press open for the same reason. It, too, is a personal choice.

With most things in quilting there is no absolute right or wrong---just do what works for you. Okay, there are a couple like "Keep your finger tips out from under your rotary cutter." and "Don't steam iron sitting down unless your bra is heat proof" and a few like that but most things are personal choice. Oh, I almost forgot the most important and most ABSOLUTE RULE: Have fun and enjoy.
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I agree with the other 2 replies you have gotten. Main thing is to have fun and enjoy!
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Old 09-04-2010, 07:35 PM
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1. Look at a bunch of books and pick a good basic reference that you personally really like. I have the one you mentioned and I bought it because it was recommended. But the book I use all the time is Rotary Magic by Nancy Johnson-Sbero http://www.nancyjohnsonsrebro.com/NJSBooks.html Go to the local library and borrow every quilting book you can get your hands on that looks even remotely interesting to you. I borrowed Rotary Magic hoping it would help improve my cutting. Turns out it covers everything to do with quilting and includes some beautiful patterns. I think it will always be my go-to reference. With so many fantastic online video tutorials, you might decide not to buy a so-called reference book at all. No rules.
2. On washing precuts: I wash everything including precuts. I used to fight the fraying until I read a great hint somewhere (?). DO NOT AGITATE. Simple. I wash precuts in the sink with a tiny amount of liquid detergent and a little splash of vinegar. Rinse well. Squeeze out the excess water......no wringing or twisting. Spin dry in my salad spinner (loved that hint) and chill until I'm ready to iron.
I'm just too scatterbrained to have somethings washed and some unwashed. I'm not very ambitious so I definitely would have gone the unwashed route, but some fabrics seem to make me itchy and sniffly, so I decided to go with washing.
3. I try not to be on one side or the other, but you might occasionally purposely choose one or the other if your pieces are a little too small or large. Sometimes seems to happen if you switch rulers for different shapes.
4. Press which ever way suits you best and gives you the best results. It a personal choice.
Most of all, as in the other posts, have fun. There really aren't any mistakes. You might do something that takes you in a direction other than the one you were planning to go, but hey, that's the creative thing, right?
Happy quilting!
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Old 09-05-2010, 06:10 AM
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I smiled at the salad spinner hint. I may try it next time. :-)
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The first two ladies have given you wise advice. The only thing I would add is regarding #4. I think if you are doing a wall hanging or something not getting a lot of wear and tear, that pressing the seams open gives a smoother look and you don't have to worry about which side the seam bends to. However, if it is something that will be washed often, the side seams are stronger........It would also depend if you are hand quilting or machine quilting......
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I have this F & P book but I don't really care for it very much. I would check out more up-to-date guide books.
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