I learned my lesson while I was hooked on crochet - I loved crocheting snowflakes and angels. A lady I worked with brought some to work and I was hooked! We exchanged patterns and kept going and going. I gave them to family and friends, then a friend was so thrilled with the 2 I gave her, she asked if I would make one for her granddaughter. Sure - why not, they were quick and easy. Before I knew it - she had asked me for 6 more. Then I find out she is giving them to her friends..... Really? This is a lady that would take food home to her husband from a pot luck at work, without waiting for everyone to get their fair share.. So when she asked for the last angel, I told her I was just burned out and wasn't making any more, didn't even want to finish the last one I started.

She retired many years before me and always seemed to know when I would take a day off and end up taking over my day. So I finally told my husband that if he needed me for any reason to let it ring once, hang up and I would call him. My daughters knew to call their dad on those days.

She is a very nice lady - we started quilting together and I would help her with the binding since she was having trouble with her vision. But I had to laugh when someone asked her to knit a baby blanket she said she would be happy to, but she charged $75.00, it had to be with baby yarn she already had and they would have a choice of 4 different colors and the person paid it. She was totally shocked. She has sold quite a few at that price. She said she put a high price thinking it would scare them off, but then felt it was too much to turn down.