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Old 06-28-2012, 07:23 AM
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I'm sorry but I don't understand why some are accepting being cheated for their money. Have you noticed nobody has mentioned that their charm packs were 5 1/2 by 5 1/4 ? I seem to see a reoccurring trend. If every pack it 'shorted' they have a 'free' yard to sell after a while. If it didn't make a difference then they should put on their labels 4 1/2x 4 1/2.IMHO
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Old 06-28-2012, 07:35 AM
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Originally Posted by chuckbere15 View Post
Over a year ago, I bought two fat quarter bundles. The line was Ocean Breeze - Island Batik - from a local quilt shop when she visited our guild and did a trunk show. I fell in love with the colors and just had to have them. I also purchased a pattern that was fat quarter friendly and this pattern was published by the store owner. A win/win situation - supporting a LQS and local artist. I chose these fabrics to make my hubby a quilt and he's color blind. These batiks were perfect, he would be able to see the colors.

Two days ago I opened the pattern and read it completely. I then proceeded to open one of the bundles and started to organize which colors I would be using. Between the two bundles I purchased I could make three quilts as published, or in my case two bigger quilts as I tend to make more queen/king size quilts versus lap. I would have to purchase additional fabric for the setting triangles, backing, and binding.

When I unfolded the fat quarters I noticed that the edges looked like they were cut by scissors by second graders. I proceeded with preparing and cutting the fabric. After cutting the first six of the quarters, I decided to put a ruler to the second batch of six, I need eighteen for this project as the pattern was published. I was flabbergasted at what the ruler was telling me. On the "best" quarter I measured 17 1/2 X 21 inches. I do understand that a fat quarter is a half of a half yard of fabric and if my math is correct that would be 18" X 1/2 of the width of fabric.

Here is what got my goat. I called Island Batik and explained that these fat quarters were improperly cut and I lost on average an inch on two sides to square the up. There customer service representative took my name and number and stated she would call me back as this line is discontinued and she would have to check to see what they could substitute.

She returned my call stating that I needed to return the bundles to where I purchased them for a refund and the store owner would then have to return the merchandise. I explained that I don't have my receipt and it was over a year ago, but I would try.

I went to their website and reviewed their return policy. Their policy states returns accepted within 30 days with receipt, shipping cost are the customer's responsibility, and there would be a restocking fee. All these terms are backed by their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

I will take the fat quarters back to the store and explain to Carolyn the circumstances and show her the poor product. I don't think that it's fair to Carolyn or myself to eat any more cost involved with their inferior product. Not to mention the delay in working on this project. And the cost of fuel as this store is forty miles from my home.

I have learned some valuable lessons with this purchase of a fat quarter bundles plus a previous purchase of a jelly roll, different manufacture and LQS. First, don't buy them unless you can inspect each and every piece for quality. Second, don't buy from a company that will not stand behind their products. And lastly, we as quilters, the consumers should take a stand and refuse to purchase these precuts until the manufactures can get it right.

Food for thought, have you ever wonder why jelly rolls, charm squares and layer cakes all have been cust with pinking sheers? In the past they have not. And yes it helps with raveling, but it also hides poor quality. Also, there needs to be standard sizes. For example a yard is 36", a charm square is 5" square, a layer cake is 10" square, a fat quarter should be 18" X 22", etc. If the manufactors wants to offer a variety of choices more power to them, but they need to be standard sizes. Close only counts in horseshoes.

And for the record, I'm not looking for free fabric, just what I paid for in the first place.
I'm so sorry that happened to you. I guess no one said quilting wouldn't be frustrating at times. I actually recently bought a kit that I wanted a lot and then a week later bought it again because I was going to use it a little differently than the stated pattern (several small wall hangings instead of one big one) and I feared being short on fabric. I figured better too much than not enough. I realize you can't always afford to buy extra of that treasured fabric but I do when possible. Could you add a couple of complementing batiks to stretch out and cover your shortage? I know it isn't a great suggestion but maybe it would help make matters better instead of worse. Again, so sorry.
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Old 06-28-2012, 02:28 PM
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Just a quick note to keep everyone informed. I called the shop where I purchased them, and spoke with an associate as the owner was not in today. I informed her what was going on and that I plan on bringing the fat quarters into the shop for them to see so that they can make informed decisions when purchasing fabric for our consumption. Also, Island Batik called me back today and I told them that I would not rather return the fabric as I love the colors and the quality of the fabric and that it is not the fault of the store owner or their responsibility to make it right. And I just wanted what I paid for, nothing more. She is going to mail me a yard or two of fabric to make up for the missing fabric.
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Originally Posted by bglock1 View Post
I've had a similar experience, but with charms. I expected all of them to be 5" square, but when working with the pack (after sewing several together for D9P) that they were actually 5" x 4 3/4". Not that big of a difference but it would be nice to actually have what you pay for!
Big difference over the whole quilt and dishonest of the manufacturer. Just my 2 cents worth.
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When I buy fabric, be it from a store, over the internet or from ebay I always check it for any faults then measure it. That way I know what I have even if I don't use it for several years, and yes if its short I let the vendor know and expect them to compensate me. Even if it's only $2.00. I expect to get what I've paid for. I got caught when I was quite new to quilting, fortunately it was only a $10.00 buy but it taught me to check before it went into my stash.
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Old 06-29-2012, 05:20 AM
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I'm sorry you are in this pickle!
Be warned everyone....the width of fabric is shrinking, fat quarters will shrink too. shave a little here...shave a little there....sad but true.
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Old 06-29-2012, 06:30 AM
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I find this appalling! And for the new quilter wondering how much fabric to buy, this puts a whole new slant on what you want to keep on hand. I don't know about all of you, but I don't have an area reserved for receipts. I would be over run with paper. And I really only have a couple of drawers. I prefer to use those drawers for something other than receipts. And if you bought it over a year ago, how many places are going to let you return it?

I mentioned the lack of quality control at my LQS. She said that she has heard that, but because she pretty much sticks with Moda. And I can attest to the shops cutting of fat quarters. They even cut a fat quarter, even if they have to make it for you. I think that if we avoid purchasing or return that which we are not happy with, the fabric companies might sit up and take notice. I just heard that consumer spending in the US was down last month. I guess I am going to iron my stash and start cutting that up.
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I guess I've been lucky with precuts, I buy mostly Moda and a few other major manuf. I haven't had a problem yet !
IMO I don't think the pinked edges are hiding poor quality. Moda has a very fine pinked edge, I'd much rather have that than lots of raveling !
Agree that FQ are all over the place, fabric widths vary - but a FQ should NEVER be less than 18" ! A yard of fabric is 36" ... period !!
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wow thanks for sharing ... i never check til later either but so far been lucky... smile
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I work in a local quilt shop that sells alot of kits for purses, wall hanging, quilts and such. A couple weeks ago I was cutting 6 yard pieces for one of the block of the month classes. We expected to get 5 6 yard pieces out of 2 bolts, by using the leftover 3 yard pieces for the 5th cut. After cutting the first 2 pieces, the last pieces were between 1/8 and 1/2 yard short. The shop owners are being shorted on every bolt they but. I don't know if there is a solution but it forces the owners to buy extra bolts to cover the shortages.
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