In my search a couple of weeks ago in my search of the perfect FMQ stitch I did a stupid thing and took the top tension cap off the machine pulls right off....and played with the tension washer underneath....which would have been fine if I had taken photos of where the washer sat on the screw,....but I didn't.

Now I cannot get the tension back for the embroidery stitches in Mode 2 and 3 and as I do other sewing I really want to use the heirloom stitches.

I have spoken to my nearest dealer who has said that they will reset the machine but it means leaving it with them for a few days and would not give me a cost (depends how long it takes...what else they found...only asked for my tension to be sorted !) my big favour....would someone please sew out some of the embroidery stitches eg Mode2 no 60 small criss crosses and no 75 hearts using different colour threads top and bottom with tension at 4 and take a good picture of the underside so I can see if I can get it back.....would be really really grateful....thank you