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Thread: Janome stitch in the ditch walking foot

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    May 2012

    Janome stitch in the ditch walking foot

    Has anyone used this attachment on their walking foot to stitch in the ditch? It's an expensive foot... Just wondered if it worked well.

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    Dec 2011
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    Haven't seen this before but looks interesting. Didn't see a price. Will look forward to hearing other comments.

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    that is a pretty nifty looking accessory.
    pricey, but nifty.

    one thing to consider, though, in regard to stitch-in-the-ditch feet in general ...
    they can actually make it more difficult to keep the stitch line straight and properly positioned in relation to the "ditch" when quilting over nested seams that have been pressed to one side or another. unless you pay very close attention, slow down as you approach those intersections, then either shift the quilt ever-so-slightly or adjust the needle position, the line of stitching will alternate between being in/near the ditch and being near/on top and visible.

    i only use a ditch foot when i have pressed my seams open.
    otherwise, i use an open toe walking foot so i can keep a better eye on those pesky side-pressed intersections.

    of course ... my quilting skills are quite "iffy" whether i'm doing straight/curved lines or free-motion.
    a quilter who's more skilled than i am might have a different perspective and offer better advice.

    going back to that accessory set, though, i could easily see myself falling in love with the other piece - the adjustable guide. it looks like it would be a lot easier to use than the little bars that often come with walking feet.
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    Mine isn't made quite like that and it's not even feed but I couldn't see where it was a whole lot of good. Others may disagree.
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    Don't care for mine....can do just as well without it, but then I don't consider SITD as an easy thing to do or get to look right.

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    I have the stitch in the ditch AccuFeed foot for the Janome 6600 and love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ohstr View Post
    I have the stitch in the ditch AccuFeed foot for the Janome 6600 and love it.
    I have this one too and like it. For my other Janome, I had one similar to the ditch quilting/walking foot and it worked well on that machine. I haven't seen the adjustable guide part before.
    If you purchase, you have to let us know how it works!

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    Feb 2011
    I have that foot, it came with my machine. I finally tried it out lately, and love it. I have stitched in the ditch with it, and it works so well, even with fairly thick batting.

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    I had one but broke it when the needle hit it...my fault...the needle or the foot was loose forgot which one. It worked fine but I don't do a lot of stitch in the ditch so I have not bought another one. I do have the 1/4 foot and also the open foot love them both.

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    I don't have that machine, but I have a stitch in the ditch foot for my Pfaff, and I love it. I have no trouble stitching in the ditch, and it is because of that foot. I quilt a lot, and it is a life saver. I just put that center thing in the ditch and stitch away. I press my seams to one side, and that is not a problem, though I do slow down when I reach an "intersections."

    I have a lot of trouble seeing a straight line because I have wet macular degeneration and have lost the center vision in one eye. (That is rather a simple explanation of a complex problem, but I do not see straight lines.) This makes SID in the ditch really tricky for me, but not with this foot.

    If this foot is half as good as mine, I would go for it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ohstr View Post
    I have the stitch in the ditch AccuFeed foot for the Janome 6600 and love it.
    I have this one too and love it!

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    Jan 2011
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    I have the Janome foot which can do 1/4" and stitch-in-ditch. I LOVE the 1/4" foot but when I screw in the SID flange I just can't get lined up so it actually sews in the ditch. It always seems about 1/16- 1/32 off.

    In the end I have gone back to using my walking foot which is all clear plastic and easy to line up.
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