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Is it just me or are feathers becoming too common? >

Is it just me or are feathers becoming too common?

Is it just me or are feathers becoming too common?

Old 12-19-2014, 05:14 PM
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The one that drives me nuts with its utter lack of artistry and assembly-line look is the large stipple that mows over the entire quilt without regard for the piecing. I assume it's a pantograph. I see them all the time at KQ, and it's hard to look past it to the quilt top.

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Originally Posted by Susann View Post
I had a quilt that, even though we discussed the simple pattern I wanted done on it, the LA ruined with all the feathers and swirls. Her design took away from the beauty of the piecing.
I would have had her redo it the way you asked
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Old 12-19-2014, 06:00 PM
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Unless a quilt is custom quilted, pantographs and computerized quilting will just go over everything. Some people look for pantos or computerized quilting and others like custom quilting. Custom quilting is generally the most expensive, then computerized quilting and pantos or all over stippling and such are the cheapest. Many people like feathers so that might also count for its popularity. I myself enjoy feathers and leaves both as an overall design or custom quilted to fit the blocks. You should talk to your long arm quilter and let them know your preferences and dislikes. Generally they will have some samples for you to look at or pictures of panto or computerized designs to choose from. I belief a long arm quilter should bring out the work the customer did and not over power it, bury it or make the quilt stiff from all the quilting unless the customer is looking for that.

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Originally Posted by Basketman View Post
I have been a fairly consistent reader of late and noticed that IMHO too many quilts, sent out to be longarm quilted, come back with a feather motif and then their careful piecing or well executed design elements get overpowered in a thousand swirls. I understand that many of us do not have the skills or mindset to do intricate/complex quilting and few can compete with computer generated near perfection, but are quilts becoming less personalized and too often being stitched with a puppy mill mentality and feathers are just in...for the moment? Do you leave it mostly to the "experts" and then hope for the best or do you google/bing, or whatever, the type of machine being used and then shop for a design that suits you, their machine and your quilt top and ask them to buy it and work it into your quilt?

Please no hate mail from you dedicated long arm quilters, I get feathers are both historic and some quilts scream for their use...but for those of you who think "outside the box"...what is your approach and when does a quilt stop being yours and become a canvas for excess?
I love feathers and really don't care how popular (or unpopular, for that matter) they are. I plan to send my PINKS & Fairies log cabin quilt to a longarmer on this board. Her work is beautiful and I absolutely want feathers going in one direction and her curls in the opposite direction. That will happen in 2015.

IMNSHO, it's the "job" of the sender to tell the longarmer what she wants on her quilt. If you don't want feathers, SAY SO!

There are so many quilting designs out there that you could send a hundred quilts for longarming and not see a duplicate design.

It's your quilt and it's your responsibility to research what design you want on your quilt!

Oh! And the last thing I'd pay for would be a computerized design! To me they are too perfect and have no soul.
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Old 12-19-2014, 09:10 PM
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Originally Posted by sewingsuz View Post
What is the mctavishing?
McTavishing is a background filler which employs long swooping lines and curves. It can be made very densely to pack down the background or it can be made loosely to add motion and interest to the quilt top.

This link shows some examples ..... http://www.designerquilts.com/gallery5_mctavishing.html
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Mctavishing is really pretty - would love to learn how to do this on my Tin Lizzie.
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Old 12-19-2014, 10:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Susann View Post
I had a quilt that, even though we discussed the simple pattern I wanted done on it, the LA ruined with all the feathers and swirls. Her design took away from the beauty of the piecing.
She'd still be picking stitches if it were mine!
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I don't mind feathers if they fit with the piecing pattern. What I don't like are quilting going all over in straight groups with no re guard to the piecing.

The quilting should be the icing on the cake.
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My quilts don't have too many feathers because I don't know how to do them yet.
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Wait, so by saying that I don't have the skills or mindset to accomplish anything to your taste, you weren't actually slamming me or my work? And by calling peoples work a puppy mill and a canvas for excess you felt that was necessary to your question?
IMHO the different choices we make in our work is why we are interested in seeing each others work. It is a pleasure to share ideas and projects here because of the support we get and the veried ideas and styles.it is sad to hear peoples skills and efforts being insulted like this.
By the way I think feathers look soft and traditional and I like them.
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