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Long Arm and Cats "Sharing" the Quilts

Long Arm and Cats "Sharing" the Quilts

Old 11-01-2023, 01:36 PM
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Default Long Arm and Cats "Sharing" the Quilts

We recently acquired two house kitties, both sisters about 12 weeks old. They are everywhere and getting into everything! And then right when I'm about to get mad at them, they curl up in my lap and pass out, all cute and sweet. Anyway, my question is, how do I keep them off my long arm? They play/ sharpen their claws on the leaders, walk upside-down on the poles, pull at the side clamps, mess with the batting... And then fall asleep on the quilt iself! Any tips? Or do I just need to live with it? I can't close any doors or anything since my long arm is in the front foyer and main walking space of the house.
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Old 11-01-2023, 01:55 PM
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I cover my longarm with a few king size sheets………but you must post pics of these new kitties! I also have an assortment of scratching posts all over my house. When i catch them trying to scratch something they shouldn’t I tell them no in a firm voice.

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I made a cover for my longarm. So IF my Sophie does get up there, the quilt will be protected. I keep my batting in a big, upright box where she can't get to it.
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I haven’t looked but in my memory I think Bonnie @ Quiltville posted something on her blog when they first moved Lola the cat into her Quiltville post office studio, maybe have a look through or search through her blog for it?
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I bought these scat mats. They work beautifully.

Also - be very watchful with your thread. I keep my longarm threaded (makes it easier to re-thread when I want a different color) and my kitty will chew and eat the thread if I'm not paying enough attention to her.
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My beloved late Sammy Jo Cat never bothered my machines, or unfinished quilts. He would however sit on the sewing machine table to look out at the birds in the nearby bush, until I started the machine up aand then would get down. He somehow preferred my very first quilt for naps.
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Old 11-02-2023, 04:36 AM
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I use bubble wrap! If I'm not done quilting, I loosen the tension on the quilt and lay bubble wrap over it. I did have a problem with Squeek (my cat) getting on the rails and sometimes the head of the machine. I just get a big plastic tub or cardboard and put it over that part of the longarm. As she gets older, she's not as adventurous - like me!
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I picked up some cheap windshield covers to put over my quilt on the frame. This seems to have eliminated my older, heavier cat from thinking its a bed for her to sleep in. So far my newest kitten hasn't been able to climb up ont he quilt frame but I'm sure he'll get to it soon enough. Give them lots of toys to keep them busy seems to help too.
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Cats do not like citrus scent. You might experiment with perhaps hanging a couple of sachets on your machine. A spray bottle is a good deterrent and most cats will react to a hiss or loud noise like clapped hands. One of mine doesn't like the sound of aluminum foil being torn or crumpled.

They are the equivalent of super fast toddlers at this stage. Just try keeping their claws trimmed.
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Originally Posted by NZquilter View Post
.............I can't close any doors or anything since my long arm is in the front foyer and main walking space of the house...........
Nice to have the kitty additions to your family, but I can only imagine the nightmares they may be creating for you!

I know you said, no you can't close any doors, butttt ..... any chance you could put screen doors on your foyer/LA area? Then while you are training the kittens, train the humans to keep the doors closed? My LA'er has a screen door on her LA room which is quite tiny. It lets her feel like it is a bigger place (also has a large window into the house), plus she can still be part of the family goings-ons while at work!

Good Luck!!

Originally Posted by GingerK View Post
Cats do not like citrus scent............
Plus they don't like cinnamon and mint.

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