Cindy and I had a great trip, returning last night from the Pac NW. We attended the MQX in Portland, picked up a bunch of fabric from our distributor (thereby saving lots of freight) and best of all got to visit with the grandkids in Seattle.

The MQX was a nice show, not real large but very inspiring. The show quilts were awesome, it's amazing what some people can do with thread.

Of particular interest was the display put on by one guild where they took a color wheel, handed out a different color to each of 30 or so members and had them make a wall-hanging based on that color. Lots of interesting variations there!

I got to try out a bunch of different machines. My favorite is the Innova, very smooth and easy to use.

We spent some time chatting with Charisma of this board, looking at her work and talking about her inspiring story. Thanks for your time Charisma, great meeting you!

It was a great day at the Expo, and I came away inspired to work on my quilting, and having been exposed to lots of new techniques.