MsSage's sister in law has just been diagnosed with cancer and will be going through some pretty major treatments and procedures for quite some time. She mentioned wanting to make her a quilt, as she lives quite a distance away from her and can't be there with her right now, but with her work schedule it would take her a while. I asked if we could help and she very gratefully said she would love that and it would help her a lot.

She is making 12 1/2in unfinished blocks, lavendar and white, the blocks are our choice. If we could get them to her over the next two weeks or so it would be wonderful. They don't have to be complicated, it's whatever you feel comfortable making.

Thank you for reading this and considering helping her.

Please don't respond to this thread as the Moderator's will be locking this one to replys, but there is one going for the blocks here

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Thank you very much!!! :D :D :D