I know that Quilter's Handi-Handles is no longer in business. You can still buy the handles on ebay with any luck. I finally found a pair, the seller stated that the handles that she was selling fit and worked with a Janome. (Great for me I have a Janome 1600p with a 9" throat, which was one of the models that she stated would work with the handles). I bought the handles very excited for them to come in, when they did I sprinted into my sewing room machine with and quilt on the frame all ready to go. They didn't fit :-( (I could have cried). I was wondering if anyone knows what model number the handles should be to work with a Janome. The model # that I recieved was a V2000. It works with my Viking, but the throat is small on that machine. If anyone can help please do so.