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No loose threads everywhere

No loose threads everywhere

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Originally Posted by sewingpup View Post
And if you want, you can pick a simple block and use it as a leader and eventually you will have enough for another quilt! for example. Cut up your scraps into 2.5 inch squares, stitch a light and a dark together until you have a bunch of them. Then make a simple four patch. Now you have four patch blocks to make a simple four patch quilt if you alternate them with a plain block.
To expand upon that, I found Leaders and Enders-This is very neat. If you already use a leader and an ender why not create something as you are already using these scrap fabrics. Check these quilts out! Beautiful and the fabric was not wasted and you created an extra quilt while which leads to https://www.quiltville.com/leadersenders.shtml to show some quilts made while making other quilts.

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Originally Posted by Iceblossom View Post
I use a "spider" that is a scrap where I start in the middle and reuse many times -- the hanging threads are the legs of the spider. The way my brain works is I would need a leader for the leader. .
I do the same (I like your name for them -- spider!) when piecing anything at an angle --my machine eats the edges otherwise.

referring to your comment about needing a leader for the leader: I think the thing about leaders and enders is that they are the same piece (except for the very first one.) You stitch off the end of your chain onto your "ender" ... then it becomes the "leader" for your next chain. I could be wrong, I never do it.
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I usually only use one leader. As in, when I am finished sewing for the day, I put a leader under my needle and keep my needle down as well as the pressure foot. Then when I start up the next day, I use it as a leader for my first piece.

My machine has a push button thread cutter and I use that all the time, so I don't have hardly any waste of thread. Just about a 1/4 " on the tail end and less than or there about a 1/2 " on the next beginning. Plus, I chain stitch whenever I can with a pattern.
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Anniedeb, when you sew across the pieced seam it will secure your stitching. Also good to press seam and then open your piece and press again.
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I prefer a small backstitch at the beginning and end of my piecing, even when using a "leader".
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I only backstitch when sewing final borders. Backstitching every seam would interfere with the ability to 'swirl' the center seams of a 4 patch. I have not developed the 'leader-ender' habit. To me, it is just more clutter around my machine. But I do use a shortened stitch when piecing and try to leave at least 1/2 inch of thread between chain pieced blocks. I never trim even with the block. I always leave at least 1/4 inch.

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Beware of the not so obvious problem with leaders and Enders . I sometimes get sucked into enjoying that process so much that I ditch the intended project and get sidetracked into making the units and the blocks for the L&E one! Lol
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I like the thread cutter on my machine also. It works great.
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