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odd directions for block-square in a square in a square, i think >

odd directions for block-square in a square in a square, i think

odd directions for block-square in a square in a square, i think

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Here is a tutorial how to do the block: http://www.quiltingboard.com/tutoria...oo-t14958.html
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I've made that block and it cuts the points off but it is really pretty. And easy!
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yep, that's pretty much it. I didn't cut my squares into triangles before sewing around the edges. it called for a slit to be cut on one drawn line, then stitch around and slip scisssors into slit and cut on lines to corners. then press open. then lay the next size square on top with drawn lines, sew and cut and open and press, etc.
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Place two equal sized squares right sides together .
Sew all round 1/4inch seam allowance.
Top square snip this one only and cut across diagonally.( take care not to cut square below)
Press out.
Take square same size as the new square and sew all round
Cut diagonally on top square only.
Keep going to a block size.

You always loose the points which I wish I could sort out.
Hope these instructions help. I was never given specific square sizes only make new square same size as one just pressed.
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Originally Posted by nativetexan View Post
I doubt my size of block was correct but think she will get the idea. I took pics as I did it. this one is ugly but was only trying out directions.
This is the same from looking at your pictures that I have made, I just called it a square in a square, have no idea what the true name is. I started with a 4" square, if you use larger starting squares your completed block is huge. Anyway, start with a 4"square of fabric you want for the center block, cut another 4"square and lay them right sides together, sew completely around the square, then take the piece that you added NOT the center square, pull it up in the center make a snip and cut from center to each corner, careful not to cut through stitching, thus making an X, press open, then cut a new square the size the open square turns out to be about 5", lay it face down or right sides together with the opened piece and sew around it, repeating the process of pulling the last added square up and snip in the same way you did the first, thus creating a new and larger square, repeat the process until you have the finished size you want MAKE SURE you do not snip the dog ears each time, as this messes up the block somehow, ask me how I know. My quilt I made ended up with perfect 9" blocks. When they were all sewn together, you had another design where four blopcks joined together. I love this pattern, it is so easy and quick to do. I don't have my directions in front of me, so I am not exactly sure of the dimensions, but if I remember correctly, beginning block 4", new square or 2nd square 5", next one is 7" and final block is 9". I first tried starting with a 6" square and ended up with an 18" completed block I do remember that. I used different fabrics and it turned out beautiful. I cn not remember where I found the directions for this block, so I can not give the credit to whoever- so it is not my design, but I love it. Looks like what you did in your picture. I will look in my pics and see if I still have a picture of the one I made for my friend using this process. For the rest of you like Mikey says in his commercial - "Try it you'll like it. " lol I didn't draw lines on mine, just cut from the center to each corner.

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I found a tutorial and I know at one time I seen a video of this. It is a square in a square pineapple block. I hope this clears it up for you.
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This link shows how to snip the center cuts before you sew the two layers together. But in the demo I saw, the center cuts were made just a little differently.


Before you layer the two squares RST, cut the top square on the diagonal with your rotary cutter, but not all the way through the center. Make two slits on one diagonal, leaving the center of the square and the ends uncut. Then cut the other diagonal, making three cuts: a short one in the center and the two cuts like the first ones. By leaving some fabric together in the center, the square is less floppy, and is easier to handle. It is still quite easy to snip the rest of those diagonal lines after the square is sewn all around the outside.
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Karin Hellaby has a You Tube video showing this. She calls it a simple pineapple.
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Karin Hellaby, also has a couple of books. I took a class, and here is the results ~
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Originally Posted by BellaBoo View Post
Here is a tutorial how to do the block: http://www.quiltingboard.com/tutoria...oo-t14958.html
This is the one I thought of too with your directions.
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